Yoga is one of the more noble forms of exercise, encompassing a holistic programme which combines the strengthening of mental resilience, with spiritual teachings and physical exercise in the form of posturing. In light of the toll that the constant interruption of social media, the strains of day-to-day worries and the torture of past regrets or occurrences can take on our minds and bodies, yoga provides an opportunity to disconnect from the world, redirect thoughts to the overwhelming sensation of peace rippling through your body and unwind. So how can Matcha support your Yoga practice? Below are 6 of the main benefits of combining Matcha green tea + yoga into your weekly routine.

Say bye-bye to stress

Yoga encourages relaxation, thereby alleviating the burden that anxiety and stress place on our mind and body. One of the key hormones responsible for stress is cortisol. Not only do findings support the notion that yoga inhibits the production of cortisol, the consumption of the theanine-rich green tea known as ‘Matcha green tea’, has also been proven to reduce stress. The compound L-theanine in the vivid green powder stimulates calming neural connections which can increase concentration, enhance our mood, or help us to nod off at night.

Say hello to dreamland

Sleep is much less likely to evade us when our minds are not troubled by unpleasant thoughts and our muscles feel as soft as putty. After gentle yoga exercise you will notice the euphoric effects of physical exertion, without the trauma that more rigorous exercises cause to your muscles. Consequently, the descent into sleep is a much more peaceful one. Although Matcha tea contains caffeine, L-theanine subdues the jitter-inducing ramifications of ordinary caffeine consumption you may get with coffee. That said, in order to evade any negative impact upon your sleep, the ‘Sleep Doctor’ Michael J Breus recommends drinking caffeine before the late afternoon.

Detox from social media

Procrastination is the enemy of progress, and the modern day obsession with ‘multi-tasking’ is limiting our potential. How many times have you come home from work promising yourself that you would complete a task, or achieve something great that evening, only to realise that the clock has struck twelve and all you have to show for it is a series of messages from people vying for your attention on Whatsapp, new photo uploads on Instagram and screenshots of your frenemy’s recent activities on Facebook?

Yoga encourages restful, mindful thinking, focussing the mind on how you feel in the present as you inhale, exhale and stretch those underused muscles. Matcha green tea is key to maximising this effect, as researchers have found that it stimulates the production of alpha brainwaves, which promote relaxation and focus ready for the task ahead.

Purify your body

The physical activity involved in yoga helps to detoxify organs and muscles. Here to support this natural process is Matcha tea! Studies have shown that the catechins found in Matcha green tea possess antioxidant, liver-protecting and cholesterol-lowering properties. Exercise facilitates the expulsion of toxins from our lungs and kidneys. In addition, the movements involved in yoga improve circulation and the act of deep breathing replenishes cells, according to Today.

Future-proof your health

Many of us lead sedentary lives as a result of the nature of our jobs which keep us chained to our desks or beds, feverishly typing away until hunger, thirst or bladder pressure causes us to make a move. This inactivity can lead to weight gain, which in turn may cause obesity. Obesity puts us at greater risk of complications such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. A combination of yoga which keeps us moving and Matcha tea, which has been found to combat diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure, is key to reducing your exposure to and the impact of these risk-factors.

Shed pounds

Yoga can be an effective way to burn calories and lose weight, depending on the type in question. Relaxing varieties such as ‘Hatha’ yoga are not as physically exhausting as varieties such as ‘Bikram Yoga’ or ‘Hot Yoga’ which have the ability to send your heart rate racing. If you choose to achieve your weight loss objectives through yoga, just make sure that – as with any diet plan – you are also paying attention to what your eat. Matcha tea can also be taken to support your weight-loss goals. A 12-week study found Matcha tea to be effective in reducing body weight, body mass index, body fat ratio, body fat mass, waist circumference, subcutaneous fat and more!