There are many variations of fasting. What constitutes a fast and what breaks a fast largely depends on the philosophy behind your fast, your objectives and any ‘hacks’ you subscribe to in order to make the fast easier to bear. The classic fast involves water only. However, others permit herbal teas, green teas, coffee and more.

Will matcha break a fast? In my opinion, the very short answer to the question of whether drinking matcha green tea will break a fast, is a resounding NO! – provided you don’t add any sweeteners such as honey, or sugar, to it. Why? Some of the major changes seen when we fast is a reduction in insulin levels, an increase in the human growth hormone (which facilitates weight loss), autophagy and cellular repair amongst many others. If we hone in on the benefit of fasting being that it lowers insulin levels, despite taking a hot beverage such as matcha green tea – which has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels too, or coffee, you’re still going to receive the benefits of a fast.

Why choose matcha green tea?

If you are about to undergo a period of fasting, matcha green tea should be your refreshment of choice. Why? Just ONE cup of this glorious green powder made from carefully crushed green tea leaves, delivers a MEGA dose of health benefits whilst in your fasted state.

Being a powder means it is incredibly versatile and is delicious cold as well as hot. You can also make it really creative and add herbs such as rosemary, mint or ginger etc. to add some flavour without calories.

Matcha green tea is grown in the shade, which boosts the chlorophyll levels in the plant, giving the tea its bright green colour. The harvesting process involves the removal of the stem and veins of the plants leaves to give it a smooth flavour, before the leaves are ground into a fine powder. Whilst regular green tea must be brewed before it is consumed (leading to a loss of antioxidants), high-quality matcha green tea preserves the bulk of the tea’s antioxidants and nutrients.

Boosts Weight Loss

Matcha green tea is super high in antioxidants, but amongst its most potent antioxidants are ‘catechins’, in particular, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which supports weight loss. In addition, matcha green tea has a surprisingly high amount of caffeine content. However, thanks to the L-theanine it contains, it gives you all of the lucidity, alertness and mental clarity of a cup of coffee without the headache of ‘the jitters’ which the caffeine found in coffee is known to cause for many people. It is a great choice if you want to start the day with a sustainable source of energy that won’t have you bouncing off the walls.

Increases Autophagy

The caffeine content in Matcha green tea also triggers a process called ‘autophagy’, whereby the body performs waste management and disposal exercises in relation to damaged cells, proteins and more. In addition to counteracting age-related degradation of cells, autophagy also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which enhances immunity and is associated with longevity of life. Fasting has the same effect so combining the two can enhance these benefits.

Suppress Appetite

Another major benefit of matcha green tea is that, as a green tea, it suppresses your appetite, which can help you to fasting without the pain of hunger pangs.

If you’re ready to incorporate intermittent fasting into your lifestyle, there is no doubting that Matcha tea can helping you to achieve your fasting health goals.