Although December has the shortest days and harsh, cold winter, it is the most enjoyable, festive, and joyous season of the year. I always celebrate this festive season with my family and friends to spend quality time together and create memorable experiences.

While I love the holiday season, I focus on my health because winter can wreak havoc on one’s overall well-being. There are easy ways that I do this. Adding Japanese matcha tea powder to my daily routine is just one of these! It’s a quick and easy addition to my day that can have massive health benefits during the winter months when we need to support our bodies that little more.

Drinking matcha green tea during the holiday season is like a warm hug, and you will notice the positive effects instantly. You will feel more energetic and alert and have a strengthened immune system to fight flu, cold, stress, insomnia, and other health conditions common in winter. Read on to find out how…

Keeps Your Body Warm

If you want to protect your body against freezing temperatures this festive season and improve your immune system’s ability to fight off viruses, bacteria, and infections, add Japanese matcha tea power to your daily dietary regimen.

It will keep your body warm, increase energy levels, and help you stay well this season. How? Matcha powder is a rich source of catechins, including epigallocatechin gallate (ECCG), which improves your metabolic processes, increases your body’s thermogenesis (heat generation), and also ensures your body retains heat.

Fights Flu and Cold

The harsh, cold winters often mean people move less because we don’t leave our homes as often. Matcha tea can boost your immune system even when you’re not moving.

In addition, cold air can interupt your body’s immune response, increasing the risk of flu with fever, chills, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, fatigue, and headaches. Matcha offers a holistic and organic approach to preventing flu and colds during the festive season. Again, Japanese matcha tea powder is an excellent way to strengthen your immune system and prevent colds.

Detoxifies Your Body

Japanese matcha tea powder contains chlorophyll, an essential compound that boosts red blood cells, neutralizes toxins, reduces inflammation, and cleanses your body of toxins and harmful substances.

Although chlorophyll is a green pigment that gives plants rich color tones, it is one of the most potent detoxifiers. The good news is that matcha powder contains powerful chlorophyll compounds that maintain your tissues and blood’s alkalinity and flush out toxins.

Improves Metabolism

I love Japanese matcha tea powder because it contains higher EGCG levels than regular green tea. So, it boosts my body’s thermogenic processes, improves metabolism, and reduces oxidative stress on cells, tissues, and muscles.  

Most people ask: “can matcha make you feel sick or nauseous?” The answer is “Yes.” Matcha powder contains tannins that improve your body functions but also increase stomach acidity, causing queasy or nausea-like feelings.

However, you can avoid this problem by not drinking matcha green tea on an empty stomach. Besides, matcha green tea is 100% safe, healthy, and effective. So, you include it in your dietary regimen to achieve your holistic health goals.

Lowers Stress Levels

Matcha contains L-theanine and other essential amino acids that produce feelings of relaxation and counterbalance the effects of caffeine. Thus, it promotes clarity of mind and relieves stress.

Maintains Skin Health

The cold winter season can take a massive toll on your skin health, especially if you fail to maintain your diet and skincare routine. Many people suffer from dry skin, itchiness, redness, eczema, acne, and other conditions in cold and wet weather.

If you have sensitive skin, and the cold, dry air worsens it then try drinking matcha tea to boost your microcirculation. Japanese matcha tea powder contains methylxanthines, powerful antioxidants to improve blood circulation in skin tissues, giving your skin healthy, youthful, radiant, and infection-free skin. Matcha boosts elastin production to keep the skin supple.

Japanese Matcha Tea Powder – The Final Words

The winter season is often the toughest time of the year. Having said that you can easily take control of your health through simple daily routines combined with a vibrant healthy diet and moving your body regularly.

Drinking matcha daily optimizes energy levels, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol levels, increases blood circulation, detoxifies the body, fights cancer, maintains healthy metabolism and homeostasis, and enhances mood.

So, nothing is better than adding Japanese matcha tea powder to your daily regimen and making the festive season more enjoyable and healthier. Start your day with a matcha tea and see how you feel in a months time! Until Next Time!