Possible Reasons Why Your Matcha Tastes Awful!

Ever took a sip of matcha tea and decided that it tasted so bad you would never try it again? Wondering why are so many in love with this nutritious drink when it tastes awful? Well, the truth of the matter is, you probably did not drink the real deal or it was brewed incorrectly.

Why do we know that? Because real matcha green tea tastes amazing – with pleasant vegetal notes, some nuttiness, natural sweetness, and an undertone of umami awesomeness. It should not be bitter-tasting like some people may have experienced.

Here are a few possible reasons why people mistakenly think matcha tastes bad:

Firstly, Are You Drinking the ‘Real Deal’?

The marketplace is flooded with products called Matcha but the reality is thaat these products vry greatly. Don’t be fooled!

Some sellers try to pass off powdered standard green tea leaves as Matcha Tea. That means that the product does not have the same nutritional values or taste because it hasn’t been shade-grown or stone-milled (key characteristics to look out for when shopping for your next batch). Further to this, the product origins should be checked. In our opinion, authentic Japanese powdered tea is by far the best tasting from across the globe. As a result of its quality and production standards, Japanese Matcha commands a higher price premium. Another point to be wary of those who sell “culinary” grade matcha as ceremonial grade matcha.

Usually the cheaper the tea is, the more corners have been cut in its production. Hence resulting in a significant difference in taste as well as nutrients.

Real quality matcha is produced by an incredibly time-consuming and labour-intensive process that requires significant skill and effort. (Read more on our article: Wondering Why is Matcha So Expensive? Here Are the Answers!)

Whisked matcha tea powder

Are You Using the Right Type of Water

Since matcha tea is prepared by mixing the powder with water, please note that any taste from the water will affect your overall drink.

Make the effort to use properly filtered water (either from the stores or your purifying systems at home) – so that all the taste will come from your powder alone and not the chlorine and chemicals in our drinking water.

Trust us when we say it will make a world of difference. In fact, don’t trust us. Do a side by side taste test. You will be surprised at the difference it makes!

Serving It Too Hot

There is the right temperature to prepare your matcha at. Anything above 80 degrees will ruin the delicate leaves in the powder and draw out the bitterness from the catechins in the leaves. The hotter the water the more Catechins are drawn out into the liquor.

Ideal temperatures for brewing matcha tea are around 70 degrees. This allows you to balance the bitterness from the Catechins with the rich savoury umami of the L-Theanine.

Top tip: The true art of brewing the most incredible tea is about the balance between these two elements.

How to Make Sure You are Buying High-Quality Matcha?

Here are simple tips to help you distinguish great quality matcha from the not so great quality:

  • TASTE – should be smooth, vegetal and umami with a slight sweetness.
  • COLOUR: Should be bright green with no dull brown or yellow notes – lookout for pictures that show you the actual green tea powder and not just the packaging.
  • ORIGIN: Higher quality powdered tea is currently sourced from Japan – so look for the country of origin.
  • PURE INGREDIENTS: Check the back of the pack for the ingredients – make sure the ingredients list. It should always 100% pure with no other filler ingredients, additives, sugar, or artificial/natural flavourings or even spirulina to make it look green!
  • PRICE – A fair price for quality ceremonial drinking grade is about 60p-75p+ per gram. Anything much cheaper is likely to be too good to be true.

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