When it comes to enjoying tea, some like it hot, while others like it cold. Personal preference aside, what if we told you that cold brew tea is better for your health than the same cuppa tea brewed with hot water? Not convinced? Let us share some interesting insights that might just get you to switch camp over #TeamColdBrew

What is Cold Brew Tea?

The term Cold Brew Tea is derived from the method of brewing your tea leaves in cold water for up to 12 hours in the refrigerator.

Unlike the conventional and much faster method of brewing regular tea with hot water, cold brew tea’s slower and gentler process is exactly what gives rise to its additional health benefits – the key difference being the time taken and temperature.

Why is Cold Brew Tea Better Than Regular Tea?

Fewer Tannins = Less Bitter Brew

If you prefer a slightly less bitter taste profile, the cold brew method is one you must try! Due to the lower temperature, the cold brewing method extracts fewer bitter-tasting tannin compounds from the tea leaves, so the overall taste profile is sweeter, less astringent, and more refreshing.

Extracts More of the Tea Flavours

Due to the longer brewing time, cold brewing allows for sufficient time to naturally extract all the natural flavours from the tea leaves, resulting in a much richer, more complex, and smoother drink.

Lower Dose of Caffeine

Planning to cut back on caffeine but still want to enjoy your cup of tea? Opt for cold brewing as it helps to dramatically reduce the amount of caffeine released from the tea leaves.

What’s more, you still get to enjoy the suite of health benefits that comes with regular tea with these added benefits!

Introducing Our New Range of Wellness Tea

They are Perfect for Cold or Hot Brewing!

To cater to fans of both #TeamHotBrew and #TeamColdBrew, our team at Kineta has come up with not one but three perfect herbal blends for you to enjoy hot or cold!

  • Golden Boost – A potent blend of anti-inflammatory herbs and tea leaves to keep your body warm and healthy.
  • Gut Instinct – A targeted blend of herbs and whole tea leaves to promote digestive health.
  • Dream State – A sugar and caffeine-free soothing tea blend to help you get into a relaxed and calm state ready for bedtime.

Not a fan of herbal teas? There’s always our Cold Brew Matcha Green Tea Infusion PODS for matcha lovers out there.

Simple Steps to Get Your Cold Brew Ready

Trying out the cold brew method for the first time? Our tea pyramids and tea infusion pods make it super easy.

1: Fill up your water bottle with room temperature or cold water.

2: Drop in your choice of wellness tea pyramid or matcha tea infusion pod, give it a good shake, and leave it to infuse for a short (15 minutes) or long (12 hours/ overnight) while in the refrigerator until it reaches a flavour you like.

3: Enjoy your cold brew tea and all the health benefits they bring.