Looking to incorporate healthy alternatives in your diet to help with your weight loss efforts? What better to help you achieve that goal than our favourite low-calorie (3kcals), metabolism-enhancing, and fat-burning health drink – matcha tea!

Ever wonder, when to drink Matcha for weight loss? If you are keen to learn how you can maximise the amazing benefits of this incredibly healthy beverage then keep reading. In this article we have picked out the best timings to drink matcha each day for optimal results!

Have A Cup of Matcha at Breakfast

To help you get your weight loss efforts of the day off to a good start, we recommend starting your day with a nice cup of matcha. Why so? There are two reasons for this!

First and foremost, thanks to one of its active compounds, ECGC, which helps to manage insulin levels in our body, means matcha is a great way to help control or suppress hunger pangs. This way you can feel full without over-consuming too many calories. Super convenient to support your weight loss plans.

Secondly, plenty of people tend to start their day with a fruit juice or sugary coffee drink, both of which come with substantial empty calories thanks to the high sugar content. Consider switching to matcha instead – a 3-calorie drink with a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, L-Theanine and caffeine. Boosting your metabolism and health in one drink!

Drink Matcha Before a Workout to Maximize Endurance & Fat Burning

Another ideal timing to indulge in a cup of matcha would be just before a workout! The benefits are two-fold here.

Firstly, a study has shown that the long-term consumption of matcha extract can boost endurance up to 24%! Need more stamina to push through your daily or weekly workouts so you can burn off all those pesky calories? Matcha is a beverage that naturally helps you get through the toughest part of it all.

Secondly, other studies also show that matcha, thanks to its rich composition of catechins, also comes with incredibly useful fat oxidation (or burning) properties, helping to initiate higher and faster levels of breaking down fat and burning calories. Now doesn’t that sound like the perfect pre-workout drink?

Indulge in Matcha After Meals to Keep Metabolism Going

Last but not least, another good time to enjoy a cup of matcha would be around an hour after a meal to speed up the metabolic rate of your ingested meal! Burn baby burn!

As an additional bonus, the slow release of caffeine from matcha will also help you avoid those dreaded food coma slumps after a heavy meal with a consistent and steady #betterenergy.

However, do note to avoid drinking it too late in the day to avoid being kept up into the wee hours of the night. Sleep is also critical for weight loss!

Now you know when to drink Matcha for weight loss you may want to include it in your own health regime. Check out our online store here for our latest Japanese Matcha tea powder products to boost your health and weight loss regime!