2018 has gotten off to an exciting start for us, as our Green Apple and Sicilian Lemon Matcha Drinks are being currently being trialled at the Wagamama Noodle Lab! The Noodle Lab, located on Dean Street in Soho, is where Wagamama gives the public the chance to experience a variety of new and exciting taste sensations, by offering an ever-changing menu of fantastic foods and delicious drinks. By getting into the Noodle Lab, the Kineta Cold Brewed Matcha Drink range has already passed Wagamama’s test, now it just has to pass its customers’…

Kineta Cold Brewed Matcha Drinks have become incredibly popular with our customers, despite being a relatively young range. Launched in 2017, each 240ml bottle contains 1g of ceremonial-grade matcha green tea powder and is free of any artificial colours, preservatives or additives. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and coeliacs, Kineta matcha drinks have been designed so that anybody can enjoy them.

Kineta Sicilian Lemon Cold Brewed Matcha Drink with Matcha, Chashaku Scoop & Chasen Whisk

One way we ensure this is by keeping the number of ingredients to a minimum, focusing on quality over quantity, while also making sure those ingredients are as fresh as possible and undergo no unnecessary processes. This is why we never use concentrated apple or lemon juice and the ceremonial-grade matcha tea found in each and every bottle is prepared in Japan, before being shipped to the UK in airtight-sealed containers.

This way each ingredient retains its natural integrity and has its inherent nutritional value, as well as its flavour, effectively preserved. This pays dividends during the cold brewing process, as the uncompromised ingredients are free to give their all to the drinks they are going into. As a matter of fact, the cold brewing process itself plays a major role in the way the matcha drinks taste. Cold brewing gently draws out the flavour and nutrients of each ingredient over the course of around 24 hours, allowing them to infuse and intermingle at their own pace. The end result is more pure and concentrated than that of a hot brewed beverage, and yet there remains a subtle complexity of flavour that few other brewing processes can replicate.

Kineta Green Apple Cold Brewed Matcha Drink with Matcha, Chashaku Scoop & Chasen Whisk

If you’re interested in giving one or all of our cold brewed matcha drinks a go, you will find them at Wagamama Noodle Lab, 81 Dean St, Soho, for all of January and February. After that, who knows?! Maybe you will be able to find them in every Wagamama across the UK. One thing’s for sure, you’ll always be able to get your matcha fix here or from our sister site, I Love Green Tea.