Top 5 Reasons Why Matcha Provides Energy

Drinking matcha green tea is the key to better, cleaner energy throughout the day. But do you know the actual reasons why matcha tea is so good for you? There are actually five great reasons why matcha provides so much energy:

1 – Matcha tea speeds up your body’s metabolism

Matcha tea has massive benefits for the body, and one of them is the ability to speed up your body’s metabolism. By speeding up your metabolism, you help your body to fully digest all the nutrients in food and maintain its optimal weight – and that makes you feel better and more alive. You can even think of matcha tea as your secret weight loss formula that nobody else knows about!

2 – Matcha tea contains antioxidants

If you think about the typical ways that people try to get their antioxidants – such as eating a bowl of wild blueberries – then matcha tea has all of them beat by a wide margin. Scientific studies have shown that matcha tea powder is bursting with powerful, healthy antioxidants that help to purify your body. And that leads to clean, pure energy that you can use all day! Those antioxidants are going to work, ridding your body of the impurities that leave it feeling sluggish and weak.

3 – Matcha’s nutrients can be easily absorbed

Instead of eating on the go, which places huge stress on your system, think of making time for yourself to enjoy food and sit down to really taste the food. That’s where matcha tea powder comes into the picture – it’s a wonderfully versatile (and tasty!) ingredient that can be used to make anything from smoothies and lattes to pancakes and ice cream. Here’s the key – your body is remarkably able to consume and absorb the nutrients in matcha powder. With just a few ingredients – think matcha, raw honey and coconut milk – you have the perfect basis for snack items that are easy and fast to make – and won’t have you reaching for junk food at all times of the day.

4 – Matcha contains powerful amino acids

We all know that we should enjoy natural foods and avoid mass-produced processed foods. The same thing goes for what we drink. We should always be looking for the more nutritious option whenever possible. That’s where the amino acids within green matcha tea come into play – they help to minimize the impact of caffeine on your body. The amino acid L-theanine is especially powerful – it binds to the caffeine and slows its absorption into the bloodstream. That helps to avoid the addictive nature of caffeine – there’s no rapid cortisol delivery or adrenaline spike that leaves your body craving for more caffeine.

5 – Matcha means all-day energy

The caffeine in a typical cup of coffee can be absorbed in just 30 minutes, and that can lead to the habit of drinking cup after cup of coffee just to maintain the same level of alertness. Compare that to matcha – after just a single cup of matcha, you’ll have the alertness, concentration and focus that keeps you going all day long. A single bowl of matcha can keep you in a hyper-alert state for between 3-6 hours!


And now you know why so many people are turning to matcha energy for all-day energy! For more details on where to buy matcha tea powder, visit here.