2019 seems to be the year that the world woke up and everyone began to care about Earth, the legacy we will leave future generations and our health. Below we list the top 5 trends we predict will dominate in 2020. Which of these trends will you be taking up if you haven’t already?

1. Rage against political leaders who aren’t taking climate concerns seriously will grow…and our voices will be heard.

Although major activists such as Greta Thunberg may have propelled the climate change and environmental degradation concerns into the political arena, as always, it takes a disaster for politicians to take action. With Australia currently engulfed in flames and (largely misinformed) fears that much-loved animals such as the koala are now functionally extinct, it is clearer now than ever that climate change must be taken more seriously and tackled as a matter of urgency. As an already hot and dry country, Australia is particularly vulnerable to global warming and there are predictions that its temperature could soar by up to 5 degrees Celsius by 2090! As 2020 picks up pace we will see familiar subjects continue to gather support including the war on plastic, biodiversity, sustainability and climate change to name but a few. Will you join calls to help save our planet?

The subject is vastly bigger and more complicated than any of us realise which can often lead us to feel utterly helpless. We are not helpless and there is a quote that captures this beautifully ‘we don’t need a handful of people doing sustainable living perfectly, we need millions of people living a sustainable lifestyle imperfectly.’

2. Not only will support for veganism explode, but it will also become a veritable religion!

January 2020 has already seen the UK government issue a judgment that effectively saw veganism acquire protected-class status, something typically reserved for religious or ethnic groups for whom anti-discrimination laws have been necessary. Specifically, it is ‘ethical veganism’, involving adherence to a vegan diet, opposition to experimentation on animals or the use of animals in the creation of consumer goods, which the court moved to protect under equal rights legislation. The highly progressive decision is a significant win for animal rights activists around the world and will most likely spark a wave of similar claims for protection from this group around the globe. Veganism has risen exponentially – by 600% alone in the past 3 years in the US – and food outlets are listening to the cries of its proponents and responding with much broader and tastier menu options in order to accommodate their needs. This is great news for not only vegans but for all of us looking to incorporate more plants into our diets. Whether you agree with veganism or not, there is one thing clear, more plants in our diet have huge health benefits!

3. A spotlight will be placed on gut health as part of health screenings.

The interest in gut health is exploding and for good reason. It is strongly believed that good gut health is the key to our good health, both mental and physical.

The community of bacteria in the gut are collectively known as our ‘microbiome’ and you will have no doubt seen the wave of probiotic products released into the market, designed to rebalance the gut and solve a wide variety of ailments such as digestive issues which cause bloating and internal bacterial flora imbalances which can lead to candida overgrowth. With a number of companies such as Viome, Thryve and Biohm now offering microbiome home-testing kits, for a reasonable fee you can easily discover what might be triggering your health issues. However, remember, these tests only provide a snapshot of your microbiome at a particular point in time and you will have to track it over for an extended time before any diagnosis can be made.

4. Kombucha tea will grow in popularity as a superfood drink.

Kombucha is a fermented drink made with black or green tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast, which has gained popularity in recent years. With some evidence pointing to its antibacterial, antioxidant and immune-supporting properties, you can bet that you’ll start spotting more of this stuff at hipster and health enthusiast-drawing cafes near you soon!

5. Even more countries will liberalise their attitudes towards CBD and cannabis.

As the consumption of cannabis and cannabis-derived products is increasingly legalised and decriminalised worldwide, retail outlets, conferences, conventions and festivals on the theme have appeared to cater to demand within the burgeoning market. CBD, the non-psychoactive derivative of cannabis, which is lauded for its therapeutic benefits, has seen a surge in popularity due to its ability to treat joint pain, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. In 2020, the public’s understanding of CBD and cannabis will grow as a result of high-quality information being more widely available and if you’re in a country or state where consuming cannabis or cannabis-derived products is not yet legal, expect major strides on that front. We believe it is the voice of therapeutic users, which will play a key role in paving the way towards legalisation. Watch this space…