The 21-Day Matcha Challenge

We’re confident that just about any coffee drinker can be transformed into a happy, content matcha tea drinker once they’ve had a chance to experience green matcha tea on a regular basis. So here’s our matcha challenge – replace a coffee a day with a matcha a day. And even better if you can replace 2 coffees a day with 2 matchas!

We think 21 days is the perfect amount of time to complete our matcha tea challenge. That three-week period gives your body a chance to adapt to the healthy, restorative effects of matcha. By the end of Day 1, your body will already be feeling lighter, better and more alive. By Day 7, you’ll be looking forward to your morning cup of matcha and the end of your caffeine jitters. And by the end of our 21-day matcha challenge, the world better watch out for a new, more energised you!

There’s a simple reason why, the energy from Matcha is cleaner. A brief comparison of the caffeine content in a single cup of coffee versus the caffeine content in a single cup of matcha tells you all you need to know. A matcha bowl contains on average 34 mg of caffeine, compared to the 90 mg in an average cup of coffee. So, you’re getting just one-third of the caffeine.

But that’s not all… There’s a special amino acid within matcha known as L-theanine that binds to this smaller amount of caffeine and slows down the release of the caffeine in your body. Instead of being absorbed in just 30 minutes, it takes as long as three hours. So, instead of a brief spike of energy, you get a longer, more intense energy boost. And your body doesn’t feel the same effect of caffeine addiction as it does with coffee – there’s no cortisol and adrenaline spikes that give you that “crash and burn” feeling.

So, instead of drinking cup after cup of coffee in the morning, just settle down with one, smooth cup of green matcha tea. You won’t get the same caffeine headache or jitters that you get with coffee. What you will get is a Zen-like feeling of calm.

Think how much more you could get out of life if you’re focused, concentrated and blissfully in the moment. Morning meetings? No problem. Late night at the office? You won’t even notice since you’ll be so productive after a single cup of matcha.

Then think of all the other goodness and benefits from drinking matcha tea that you don’t get from drinking coffee. Matcha tea is good for you. It’s packed with antioxidants that help to clean out the toxins in your body and even ward off illness and disease. Plus, matcha tea won’t leave you skin dried out and pale like drinking coffee does – the restorative effects of matcha tea for skin have been known in Japan for centuries, where some women use matcha tea powder as part of their skin care routine!

In short, matcha tea gives you cleaner energy. It’s good for both mind and body. And it has all kinds of bonus effects for your body’s metabolism. What more could you want?

So take our 21-day matcha challenge and report back in 3 weeks! A single tin of our Matcha Tea will see you through the challenge and beyond. Simply purchase your tin here: 21 Day Matcha Challenge