Ever wondered if matcha green tea lives up to its hype as one of the most popular health beverages in recent years? Instead of relying on word of mouth, our adventurous team of matcha lovers at Kineta decided to put our conviction to the test with a fun experiment. To uncover the wealth of benefits behind our favourite drink once and for all, we went ahead on a month-long experiment – drinking matcha every day for a month. No coffee allowed! And here are the surprising results from KINETA HQ…

Drinking Matcha Every Day for Better Energy & Focus

No coffee or energy drink supplements were required and we smashed through the day with just our daily cuppa matcha at the start of the day!

Surprising as that may sound, there’s proper science behind it! Unlike typical energy-boosting drinks, matcha contains a combination of energy-giving compounds. These include a small amount of caffeine, plus high concentrations of L-theanine which is a unique amino acid compound that increases relaxation without drowsiness.

The result was a combination of sustained energy and laser focus throughout the day without the familiar caffeine crash or jitters some experience from coffee. No crash was definitely a much-welcomed change! Wake up. Drink Matcha. Kick A** 😀

Feel Less Stress and Anxiety

Over a month, our team of experimenters reported a much better quality of sleep and overall, fewer feelings of stress and anxiety. After all, L-theanine (the relaxation compound in matcha) works hand in hand with other beneficial compounds. These compounds include EGCG, to help release mood-balancing neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in our bodies.

With the accumulative consumption of matcha over time, it is inevitable that more of these neurotransmitters are being released and circulated in the bloodstream, helping to regulate and reduce anxiety or stress-related emotions.

Drinking Matcha Every Day for Fewer Food Cravings

Matcha is a zero-calorie drink, which is perfect for our team members looking to reach their 2022 New Year’s goals. Our team of testers also reportedly reached out for fewer snacks throughout the day.

The reason behind it? Studies show that ECGC compounds in matcha are effective in appetite suppression. This is achieved through the release of a hormone that tells the body enough food has been received.

Now that’s a surprising side effect that we definitely didn’t mind experiencing!

Improved Skin Clarity and Overall Condition

While we have written extensively about the benefits of matcha as a beauty superfood, it was amazing to experience the results first-hand.

Chockful of antioxidants that help our skin fight against damaging free radicals that speed up the ageing process. Chlorophyll aids in protection from sun damage, plus a whole suite of multi-vitamins that support cell rejuvenation and hydration. It is little wonder we saw an improvement in our respective skin conditions over a month!

Start Drinking Matcha Every Day to Experience the Benefits Yourself. Obviously, all of these results are anecdotal but Matcha benefits us all in different ways. Find out how it benefits you by giving it a go! Simple.

We experience the benefits daily and so can you! Get your daily dose of matcha right here 🙂