As a collective of matcha powder enthusiasts, we all know the amazing health benefits that our favourite health drink gives us 🙂. But what if I told you there are ways to get even more benefit out of your next matcha pick me up moment?

Steady yourself… as we share 4 exciting ways you can supercharge your matcha tea! So if you are ready to mix things up with different flavours and a variety of health-boosting ingredients then read on to find out more.

Guarana for Double Energising Boost

For the uninitiated, guarana is an Amazonian berry that is a popularly used ingredient in the energy drink industry for its long-lasting energy and high natural caffeine content – up to 6 times more caffeinated than coffee pods.

Want an additional energy boost with your matcha drink? Simply add a dash of guarana powder, blend and you’re set for the day! We only use this recipe when our day ahead requires a little more ooomph than our days usually need rather than as an everyday expresso hit.

Add Turmeric & Ginger for Anti-Inflammatory Properties

While commonplace, natural ingredients like turmeric and ginger are not to be sneezed at – after all you see them in all sorts of health-related products these days from health supplements to herbal remedies.

Studies have shown that both ginger and turmeric possess great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are helpful in treating and preventing chronic pain-related conditions.

Aches and pains in your body suggest inflammation so try incorporating turmeric and ginger (whether in fresh or powdered form) with your matcha beverage to help support the healing process. This also makes a super tasty latte blended up into coconut/ oat or almond milk with black pepper.

Add Fresh Lemon for Enhanced Detox & Antioxidant Benefits

Familiar with the concept of adding fresh lemons to your water or tea? You can also do the same with matcha!

Not only does the added lemon juice add a new dimension to the flavour of the drink, but it also comes with benefits like enhancing the absorption of antioxidants in the matcha as well thanks to its acidic nature! And not forgetting you get an extra dose of vitamin C with your drink.

Add Mint to Boost Digestion

Love the taste of mint? Now you can enjoy it with your matcha too! In fact, at Kineta HQ, we have discovered that it is such an amazing combo that we even came up with a special Mint Matcha Tea Set to share with our fellow matcha fans!

But wait, it’s not just good for its taste! If you have digestive issues, know that mint is a popular herbal remedy to aid symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Matcha Powder Recipe

Here’s A Winter Special – Spiced Matcha Latte


  • Latte grade matcha green tea powder
  • Spices – choose your favourite from cinnamon, turmeric, or ginger
  • Water – heated to the ideal temperature
  • Optional: Your choice of sweetener or milk for added creaminess


  1. Add water to the matcha tea powder and whisk to blend
  2. Slowly add in your spices (start with small doses if you’re just testing it out) and continue whisking to combine
  3. Finally, add your hot frothd milk and sweetener (to your preference)
  4. Enjoy your supercharged matcha drink!