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Give someone you love, like, or even just met the perfect present with the Kineta Premium Matcha Green Tea Gift Set. Containing everything someone would need to enjoy the full Japanese Matcha experience; this premium gift set includes a handmade ceramic matcha bowl, a 100-prong bamboo whisk, a bamboo tea scoop, and a 30g tin of Kineta Finest Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Tea.

Kineta Finest Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Ranked amongst the highest quality matcha teas available, Kineta Finest is a ceremonial-grade green tea powder and the only type that is permitted for use during the Japanese tea ceremony. Ethically sourced from a family-owned tea farm in the heart of Japan’s largest island, the leaves used to create Matcha Tea are shade-grown to boost their amino acid content and were allowed to grow free from any potentially harmful pesticides. Organically-certified by the Soil Association, Kineta Finest Matcha Tea is made stone-grounding the whole tea leaf. This method effectively preserves the nutritional integrity of each leaf and is the reason why Matcha tea contains a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than any other variety of green tea.  

Bamboo Chasen Matcha Whisk

Hand-carved from a single piece of bamboo, the Chasen Whisk has been used to create Matcha’s smooth, creamy texture for hundreds of years and is still the tool of choice for a lot of Matcha lovers out there. Each whisk has 100-prongs that curl at the end to help froth up and blend the tea, as well as a tight knotted core that loosens and slowly blooms the more it is used. Traditionally, the whisk is discarded and replaced once the knotted core has fully opened, however, doing so is not necessary and many find it actually adds to the whisk’s already attractive visual qualities.

Porcelain Chawan Matcha Bowl

CRafted and finished in black glaze, the Chawan Matcha Bowl has traditionally been used to both prepare the tea in and drink it from. The bowl’s high sides and wide rim make it easy to whisk matcha tea vigorously without any spillages, which is exactly what you need when trying to produce Matcha tea’s signature texture. In addition to fulfilling a practical purpose, these ceramic Chawan bowls are incredibly decorative and are commonly put out on display when not being used to mix matcha.  Whether out on display or not, however, cleaning the bowl thoroughly before and after use is always recommended.

Chashaku Matcha Tea Scoop

18cm in length and made with for the sole purpose of scooping up green tea powder, these Chashaku tea scoops are elegantly shaped and have been handcrafted from sustainably sourced bamboo. Complete with a traditional design inspired by Zen Buddhism, tools identical to these have been part of the Japanese tea ceremony for over 1000 years and using one cannot help but get you in the perfect mind frame for enjoying a cup (or bowl) of Matcha green tea.