Tea Masters Chawan Matcha Bowl – Crafted in Matt Black Glaze


Our premium crafted Chawan Matcha bowls are made from premium porcelain materials in a traditional Japanese design. Available in black, these bowls are hand finished and Matt glazed. As a result, of the crafted nature no two bowls are the same! This bowl makes a stunning gift for yourself or someone you know who loves matcha tea.

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Designed to prepare the perfect matcha green tea, Chawan matcha bowls have become popular in recent years due to their traditional aesthetics. While their design is undoubtedly pleasing to the eye, our premium Chawan matcha bowls have been made and finished in accordance with the authentic traditional Japanese outlies. Crafted with an individual finish, each and every one of our premium matcha tea bowls will stand out whether stood on a shelf as eye candy or sat on a table, full of tea.

Features Of The Tea Masters Crafted Chawan Matcha Bowl

  • Traditional Chawan matcha bowl
  • For preparing & drinking matcha green tea
  • Available in Glazed Matt Black
  • Crafted from porcelain
  • Each bowl is unique

The meaning of the word ‘Chawan’ translates literally to ‘tea bowl and has been an essential part of the Japanese green tea ceremony, or ‘chadōgu’, since gaining popularity in Japan during the Kamakura period (1185 AD –1333 AD). Despite being an integral part of traditional Japanese tea-drinking culture, the Chawan matcha bowl is actually of Chinese design, as China is where matcha culture developed before being exported to Japan by a Buddhist monk named Eisai Myoan in 1191 AD.

In spite of its age, the basic Chawan design has changed very little over the past 1000 years. This is because Chawan matcha bowls have to be big enough to allow Chasen matcha whisks to whip up the matcha tea until a velvety foam has formed. As a result, matcha tea bowls need to have a wide base and high sides in order to make maneuvering Chasen whisks possible and to prevent spillages from occurring. These are both things that the traditional design already achieve and so while variations exist, the basic format remains constant

Our Premium Handmade Chawan Matcha Bowls are the perfect decorative gift, however, they are likely to be appreciated even more by those who enjoy drinking matcha tea or have an interest in Japanese culture and Asian art. Most Chawan owners will keep their bowls out on display when not in use, which is why we always recommend washing them both before and after every use. This is a good practice to follow even if the bowls are put out on display, as the delicious natural flavour of matcha green tea can be influenced by any contaminant.

Dimensions: 12.6cms x 6.5cms
Capacity: 350ml


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