Premium Cooking Matcha Saver Set – 3 x 100g

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Professional Cooking Matcha saver set. 3 pouches of premium Matcha Tea in 100g pouches. Super fresh and long shelf life. Perfect for any chef looking to add both colour and health to any recipe!

Blend, bake or sprinkle. Stuck for ideas? Check out our Kineta You Tube Channel which has loads of ideas for you to test out.

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Our Cooking Matcha Tea is a Japanese shade grown ground green tea. This tea is finely ground into a super healthy powder which makes it very versatile and perfect for adding health to any of your recipes. We highly recommend it for granola, flapjacks, breakfast muffins, protein pancakes, coconut ice cream and more!

This saver set includes 3 pouches of 100g Cooking Matcha Tea.  It maintains its vibrant green colour making any dish instagram worthy.