Matchamise Your Month Matcha Saver Set

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A super saver set full of matcha goodness to get you through even the toughest of months with huge savings to boot.

  • Matcha Infusion Pods for water bottles to supercharge your water on the go.
  • Kineta Finest Organic Matcha powder to kick start your day
  • 15 bars of Kineta Protein Bars to keep hunger at bay and energy levels high!
  • Over 23% saving!!!


Matchamise your month with #BetterEnergy!

Put together at the behest of Kineta customers, the Matchamise Your Month Matcha Saver Set has been designed to provide a single person with enough matcha to last an entire month. Containing a 30g tin of Kineta Finest Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea, 14 Matcha Infusion Pods, and 15 of our matcha-infused Protein Bars, this convenient saver set provides excellent value for money while also supplying enough matcha to get you through the toughest of months.

Each Matchamise Your Month Matcha Saver Set includes:

  • 14 x Matcha Infusion Pods (2 pouches of 7 pods)
  • 1 x 30g tin Organic Finest Matcha Tea
  • 15 x Kineta raw energy protein bars

Kineta Matcha Tea Infusion Pods

Our Matcha Infusion Pods are designed to be placed in water bottles so that the energising benefits of matcha tea can be enjoyed while working out at the gym or working hard in the office. Simply place one in a 1L – 2L water bottle, fill the bottle up with water, and wait for the matcha to infuse. Vegan-friendly and containing 0% sugar, each Matcha Infusion Pod can be used up to 3 times and this Matcha Saver Set comes with 14 of them.

Kineta Finest Organic Matcha Green Tea

Containing 30g of Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea, a tin of Kineta Finest. This is the highest quality Matcha Tea you’ll find and is the only kind that can be used for the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. There is more to ceremonial matcha than just a name, however, as its impressive nutritional profile outshines traditional green teas and even other grades of Matcha Tea. Capable of keeping you energised throughout the day, the benefits of drinking matcha tea can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. As well as hot water, matcha tea can be prepared with milk to create matcha lattes, infused with cold water or juice, and even mixed into foods like our raw energy protein bars.

Kineta Raw Energy Protein Bars

The Kineta raw energy protein bars come in two flavours; ‘Cacao Orange With Maca & Matcha’ and ‘Triple Berry With Guarana & Matcha’. Both bars are grain-free, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, totally organic, and have a 12% protein content. Ideal for enjoying before or after exercise, they are also the perfect guilt-free snack for when you’re on the go.

Protein Bar Flavour

Cacao Orange With Maca & Matcha, Triple Berry With Guarana & Matcha