Matcha Tea Experience & Masterclass – Live Lesson

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This master class promises to deliver a fast-paced, interactive and inspiring tea drinking session. Invite friends to the party and learn about what makes a great cup of frothy matcha and why. Leane believes that Matcha is about health, connection, inspiration and drive and she looks forward to sharing her journey into matcha and empowering you with as much knowledge of matcha as possible in the process.

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The Matcha Tea Experience & Masterclass is now available as an add on lesson for you to purchase separately. These classes are usually run at 10am on Sunday morning and is guaranteed to start you Sunday off with a bang!

To get the most out of the tea experience you will need:

It is also recommended that you have a:

  • Bamboo Spoon
  • Traditional matcha bowl (with wide base)

This tea masterclass promises to be highly interactive and will cover everything from:

  • The history and rituals of Matcha
  • How is Matcha Tea made
  • How to care for your bamboo whisk
  • How to store your Matcha Tea
  • How to prepare the perfect Matcha Tea the traditional way
  • Tasting notes
  • The health benefits of matcha tea
    • What makes it so matcha more than tea 🍵 #MatchaMoreThanTea
  • How to spot the good matcha from the bad!
  • Matcha tea for modern living; weight loss, athletic performance and ideas for incorporating matcha into any lifestyle
  • Live Q&A

Now is the perfect time to share matcha together, meet new friends and learn a little more about the fascinating history and health benefits that this super drink holds.

This Matcha tea experience & Master Class requires a minimum of 4 people and will be classed as fully booked when 10 people have booked. We like to keep these Matcha Masterclasses as intimate and interactive as possible.

These classes usually run every 3rd Sunday of the month and make a perfect matcha gift. To make this as easy as possible for you, booking is flexible and doesn’t have to be made immediately upon gift set purchase. If you wish to arrange an alternative date this is also possible so please email us. We will basically be very flexible if it means we get to drink matcha tea with new friends.

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