Ultimate Collagen Skin Energiser Bundle

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Ingenious Collagen is leading the beauty revolution. With a patented delivery system, they are the ONLY supplement that protects the collagen from being broken down by the stomach’s acid.

Therefore they do not need to over-pack the capsules unnecessarily. They contain just the right amount of collagen to ensure you see stunning results, knowing every bit of it will be absorbed and utilised for firmer, smoother skin and overall vitality.

When combined with Matcha Tea this really is the A-Listers secret to fuelling your skin from the inside.

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This  Matcha Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen skin energiser bundle raved about by the A-Lister celebrity’s. It includes two skin power ingredients in one gift set bundle: Matcha + Collagen.


  • Thicker Hair
  • Stronger Nails
  • Supple Joints
  • Reduced Fine Lines
  • Energy
  • Focus

There are many interesting brands launching with the ingredient of Collagen but the information is conflicting. Can your body absorb Collagen once it is ingested?  Collagen is one of the most important proteins in our bodies. It essentially forms the mesh-work that all our cells and tissue are attached to and is extremely important in maintaining skin health and integrity. As we age, we are not able to maintain forming collagen at the same rate and hence we see the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, less hydrated skin and so on.

If you can protect the collagen, then there is a chance it will reach the small intestine and be properly absorbed. The small intestine is the body’s site of maximum nutrient absorption, so if you have any protein arriving here, it is much more likely to be absorbed. Ingenious capsules are protected by the stomach acids. Even then, this is not the complete picture. Collagen itself is a huge molecule and cannot be absorbed as is. Ingenious Beauty uses collagen peptides, these are essentially small pieces of the complete collagen molecule that are the right molecular size to be absorbed almost instantly.

Matcha is known for its high antioxidants, detoxing effects and support in protection from UV rays. When combined with Matcha green tea your skin will have everything it needs to feel refreshed, look brighter and slow the visible effects of aging. All this from the inside!


Take three ingenious beauty collagen capsules plus 1 Matcha Tea daily. We recommend taking the Matcha tea with your breakfast/ mid-morning. Then take the Ingenious Beauty Collagen before bed, ideally on an empty stomach (or at least an hour after eating).