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Kineta Everyday Matcha Tea Gift Set



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Containing a 30g tin of Kineta Everyday Matcha, this green tea gift set contains everything a budding Japanese Matcha enthusiast could want. In addition to the tea itself, this set also contains a bamboo Chashaku tea scoop, a 100-prong Chasen matcha whisk, and a handmade Chawan matcha bowl. These traditional tea tools have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years with little or no change to their design, and while modern alternatives are available, none are quite as satisfying to use.

Kineta Everyday Matcha Tea – 30g Tin

Stone-ground to ensure their naturally rich levels of vitamins and minerals are fully preserved, the tencha tea leaves used to make Kineta Everyday Matcha are organically grown on a family-owned farm in the heart of Japan. Ethically sourced and certified by the Soil Association, each 30g tin of green tea powder has an air-tight seal to ensure their contents remain fresh and retain their nutrients.

Containing higher levels of antioxidants than any other type of green tea and shade-grown to boost its amino-acid content, Kineta Everyday is a Ceremonial-grade matcha tea powder, making it amongst the highest quality matcha available. What’s more, matcha green tea powder is also incredibly versatile, having been used as a cooking ingredient for almost as long as it has been used to make tea. In more recent times, matcha has found popularity amongst bakers, who have found they can use it as both an active ingredient or as a garnish. If you interested in finding out how Kineta Everyday Matcha can be used to enhance your baking, visit the Kineta blog and check out our Matcha Tea Recipes.

100-Prong Chasen Whisk

Handmade from a single piece of bamboo, Chasen Matcha Whisks have become popular amongst Japanophiles and matcha enthusiasts due to their intricate design and natural aesthetics. Each whisk has 100 prongs that curl inward at the end to help create the smooth layer of froth that matcha tea has been long known for having. There is also a knotted core at the centre of each whisk that loosens after every use and eventually blooms, further enhancing the bamboo Chasen’s already appealing visual qualities.

Ceramic Chawan Bowl

Originally designed for users to prepare their tea in and then drink it from, Chawan bowls have bodies that are wide and deep so that matcha tea can be effectively whisked within them. Complete with an intricate floral pattern depicting Sakura petals (also known as Japanese cherry blossoms), these black matcha bowls are covered in grey speckles that produce an incredibly decorative effect. As a result, they are commonly put out on display when not in use.

Bamboo Chashaku Tea Scoop

Designed to pick up just the right amount of powder for a bowl of matcha green tea, the Chashaku tea scoop forces is a delicate tool that encourages users to adopt slower, more deliberate movements. With a design inspired by Zen Buddhism, Chashaku Matcha scoops have an elegantly curved design and are hand carved from a piece of bamboo.

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