Cold Brew Matcha Tea Set

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Feeling adventurous? With the Kineta Cold Brew Matcha Tea Set you can create any number of delicious and healthy matcha infused beverages.  Each set comes with:

– Kineta glass infusion bottle – 500ml
– Kineta Finest Matcha Green Tea Powder – 30g


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Make your own green tea infusions with the Kineta Cold Brew Matcha Tea Set; containing a  30g tin of Kineta Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea and a 500ml glass infusion bottle

Kineta Finest Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Grown in the heart of Japan on a family-owned tencha tea leaf farm, Kineta Matcha tea is rich in antioxidants and contains 137 times the amount found in regular green tea. Matcha tea is also a natural source of caffeine, though it is different from the type found in coffee. Rather than causing a quick buzz followed by a sharp crash, the caffeine found in Matcha tea is slowly released so that the effects last longer and gradually wear off. This makes Matcha perfect for energising you in the morning and keeping you that way throughout the day.

A ceremonial-grade Matcha, this green tea powder is of the very highest possible quality and has been certified by the Soil Association to assure drinkers that it is 100% organic. In addition to being used to create warm teas and cold drinks, this green tea powder can also be used to make numerous healthy (or at least healthier) treats; including matcha ice cream, matcha lattes, and matcha truffles.

Kineta Cold Brew Infusion Bottle

Made from double-walled glass, the Kineta cold brew bottle allows users to create their own Matcha-infused beverages using any combination of ingredients they fancy.  Often made using fruits, herbs or berries, cold brewed matcha drinks are quick and easy to make using bottles such as these. Simply pack the infusion chamber with whatever assortment of ingredients you want, add some Matcha or loose leaf tea, fill it with water, and place it in the fridge. 12 hours is usually enough time for all the flavours to combine and infuse with the water, however, if you want a stronger flavour you’ll have to leave it longer.

These bottles are incredibly hard-wearing and can be used to carry both hot and cold drinks. You can even use them to make your very own cold brew coffee simply by replacing the green tea leaves or powder in the infusion chamber with ground coffee.