Hand-Crafted ***RARE*** Japanese Bamboo Chasen Matcha Whisk



RARE CRAFTED CHASEN. This matcha whisk is hand carved from purple bamboo in an ancient Japanese village. Beautiful and durable. Compared to other Bai bamboo (white bamboo) whisk, these Chasen bristles won’t get twisted easily and is very durable to use and a work of art to look at.
Authentic and traditional tool to prepare matcha. 100 prong Chasen is super good to make the frothy thin Matcha (Usucha) for Japanese tea ceremony or daily drink as well.
Beautifully crafted, 100% handmade.
Size: 5″ in length and 2″ in diameter.
Gentle Reminder: After a few uses, the tines will straighten out, and the core will bloom. This is to be expected.

Taking Good Care of Your Matcha Whisk

1. We recommend that you get your bamboo whisk wet just before you use it. The bamboo whisk is susceptible to dry conditions. When it is dry, it becomes brittle and easy to break.
2. It is better to store the bamboo whisk on a whisk keeper after using it. Store your chasen on this device. It will help the bamboo tines keep their shape, prolonging its lifespan.
3. Rinse it with cold or warm water thoroughly after each use. Shake out as much of water as you can. Make sure it isn’t in contact with moisture for long periods of time. The bamboo can easily grow mold on it otherwise.

Please inspect your chasen before each use for broken tines. More for your own safety, remove any broken parts before whisking, as accidentally drinking a piece of bamboo will not be a pleasant experience.