Hand Crafted Japanese Chawan Matcha Bowl


Our premium crafted Chawan Matcha bowls are made from premium porcelain materials in a traditional Japanese design. Available in black or white these traditional Chawan bowls are designed specifically to allow space for whisking as well as maximise the taste of your Matcha Tea.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 11.5cms x 7.5cms
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Hand Made
  • Japanese Origin
  • Perfect whisking width and shape to maximise your matcha experience



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The Chawan Matcha bowl plays a central role in the Japanese tea ceremony. The word Chawan literally translates as ‘tea bowl’ and they are essential for any traditional tea ceremony.

Each bowl is designed to prepare the perfect matcha green tea. They have a wide base so you can aerate the liquid with your bamboo matcha whisk. The width also gives you maximum taste as it cups your nose.

In recent years due to their traditional aesthetics, they have been growing in popularity. While their design is undoubtedly pleasing to the eye, our premium Chawan matcha bowls have been made and finished in accordance with the authentic traditional Japanese outlies. Handcrafted in glass black and gloss white, both colours show off the vibrant, frothy green colour of your drink.

Features Of Our Handcrafted Chawan Matcha Bowl

  • Traditional Japanese Made Chawan
  • For preparing & drinking matcha green tea
  • Available in Gloss black or gloss white
  • Crafted from porcelain
  • Perfect shape for best Matcha experience


In spite of its age, the basic Chawan design has changed very little over the past 1000 years. This is because Chawan matcha bowls have to be big enough to allow Chasen matcha whisks to whip up the matcha tea until a velvety foam has formed. As a result, matcha tea bowls need to have a wide base and high sides in order to make manoeuvring Chasen whisks possible and to prevent spillages from occurring. These are both things that the traditional design has already achieved and so while variations exist, the basic format remains constant.

Dimensions: 11.5cms x 7.5cms
Capacity: 300ml


Black, White

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