Buy Matcha Tea x 10 Tins – Trade Super Saver

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What is included?

In this super saver set, you will receive 10 * 30g Tins of our award-winning, best-selling, Organic Matcha Green tea.

Key Features:

  • Highest grade Ceremonial Matcha Tea
  • Air sealed tin for freshness
  • We offer a minimum of 12 Months Shelf Life
  • Totally recyclable packaging
  • Organic and sustainably farmed
  • Vibrant green colour
  • Japanese
  • Vegan
  • Zero sugar

What does Matcha Tea taste like?

Kineta Organic Finest Matcha has a creamy,  savoury flavour with notes of spring greens and an underlying nuttiness. It is matched by its vibrant green colouring and sweet aroma. These attributes are produced by carefully shading the plant prior to harvest, which also increases amino acids and vitamins A, C & E.


Matcha Tea Powder – 10 Tin Trade Super Saver

Buy matcha tea in bulk with our super saver set. This trade super saver set is perfect for Matcha Tea enthusiasts who drink Matcha several times a day the purist’s way. It includes ten tins of our Organic Finest Matcha Tea so you can supercharge yourself throughout the day.

Matcha Tea is totally packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Here at KINETA HQ, we refer to matcha as the superfood of all superfoods. It is also energising in a healthy sustainable way for your body. That is why we call it “#BetterEnergy.”

Why buy our Matcha Powder?

  • 100% JAPANESE MATCHA GREEN TEA – totally natural and sourced from a small family-owned tea farm in Kyoto region. Known for selling the most superior matcha green tea across the world.
  • SUPERFOOD & SUPER HEALTHY – Organic ceremonial grade making this the finest Matcha tea of them all. This product is certified organic by the Soil Association so is free from pesticides and totally natural. Furthermore, it is picked from the youngest sweetest leaves at the tip of the green tea plant for a smoother more superior flavour. It’s also packaged in an airtight sealed tin for even better freshness and superior quality.
  • ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE – with 137 times more antioxidants than green tea, 70 times more than oranges, 17 times more than blueberries, and 9 times more than spinach. Known for high levels antioxidant ECGC… Matcha green tea powder is a nutritional must for your daily routine.
  • BOOST METABOLISM – Matcha green tea is known to promote fat loss through increased thermogenesis. Need we say more? A workout in a mug!
  • BOOST ENERGY & FOCUS – Slow release caffeine due to L-Theanine means sustained energy, increased focus, and no big caffeine crash (unlike coffee). We say take the challenge & replace a coffee a day and you’ll notice the difference!

9 reviews for Buy Matcha Tea x 10 Tins – Trade Super Saver

  1. ANGELA R. (verified owner)

  2. Lewis (verified owner)

    Hands down best matcha out there. I’ve been ordering this mighty green goodness for a couple of years now and the Kineta team consistently provide a super efficient and friendly service 🙂

  3. Tracy (verified owner)

    Smooth and always delicious! I love Kineta matcha tea. It has become part of my morning routine. I order direct and am never disappointed.

  4. Nilesh (verified owner)

    I have purchased several times now directly from this company and now a regular customer. On every occasion it’s been a terrific customer experience, order processing fast, delivery fast, and quality of the product the highest grade at very preferential price with big savings. Will buy again.
    Highly recommended.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent Matcha Tea quality – best on the market. Great customer service, great price and speedy delivery. Very happy with purchase. Will buy again.

  6. Adele Hainsworth (verified owner)

    I bought a super saver 10 Matcha Tea retailing at £145 and had to pay for postage at £2.99! I feel that if you spend say over £50 postage should be free. Also when I last ordered I got a freebie breakfast bar. I was so excited to get my parcel and see what you popped in this time but got nothing 😔. It would be good to have a frequent purchaser scheme.

  7. Miranda Innes (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery, love the healthy buzz of matcha, and the cute airtight tins.

  8. Cansu Y. (verified owner)

    The quality if the matcha is amazing and buy from you regularly. However, the %10 off code is misleading as it only gives £10 off doesn’t matter the cost, which is ver disappointing.

  9. Lilly Frisseli

    Wow! Love this super saver set. I am getting AAA Grade matcha for less than others are selling cheap matcha tea for. An absolute bargain which I split with a friend of mine. It lasts us half a year and then we order again. Brilliant. I’m so glad they introduced this. It is fast dispatch. The product is in air-sealed tins so it lasts plenty of time. Grab yourself a matcha bargain!

  10. Leane_Tilley (store manager)

    HI Adele, thanks for the feedback! We are looking into free shipping. Whilst we do that we are also taking into account the level of discount already being received. For example, the 10 tin saver offers a huge discount saving of just under £45. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the freebie we put in your last order! We select random orders to provide samples etc. and will continue to do this. Our aim is to make you unexpectedly smile when you get your order in the hope you pass it on 🙂 we also offer a loyalty discount which you will find in the tin offering you a further discount which will more than cover postage going forward too! Thank you so much for shopping with us.

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