Matcha Tea Set & Gifts

Our matcha tea set is the best place to start when you are first entering into the vibrant green world of Matcha. These gift sets will help you discover the all-day energy, focus and fat burning that matcha has to offer. Each tin of matcha which is included in the set is organic, vegan and gluten-free. Kineta Matcha is imported directly from a small-batch tea farm just outside of Ujij region in Japan. It has taken months and years to curate these particular pieces to offer you both quality and value. From traditional to modern, there is a gift set for everyone. Our traditional kit includes items handcrafted out of bamboo and ceramic. The modern kit includes a stainless steel whisk which will enable to create a stunning frothy matcha tea in a good old fashioned mug! Our Founder is also offering a Matcha Masterclass with purchases of the Tea Masters gift set. This ensures you have everything you need to follow along and create your own perfect matcha.

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