Matcha Powder

Welcome to our specially curated range of matcha powder. All our matcha powder is sourced from Japan just outside of the UJI region. We work directly with the Tea plantation and have seen the tea-growing. Our farm is fully Organic and has been for several years. Each batch is shade-grown for 4-6 weeks prior to harvest. The length of time it is shade-grown is weather and harvest dependant. Once harvested it is dried and de-veined. It is then stone-ground. We are huge advocates of stone-grinding. It takes longer to produce a tin of matcha but it protects the nutrients in the matcha and maintains its vibrant green colour and sweet taste. Because Matcha is a powdered tea it is an incredibly flexible tea. If you want some ideas on how to make traditional matcha tea, matcha latte and matcha based healthy recipes then check out our matcha recipes.

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