We’re so lucky to be working amongst so many amazing businesses here in the South West. One of these businesses is BAM, a clothing company which creates gorgeous active wear by using naturally sustainable bamboo fibres.

BAM’s founder, David Gordon, took part in an expedition across Greenland and there experienced one of the great untouched wildernesses left on earth. This journey, combined with his interest in the future of the planet, made him want to create a viable and environmentally friendly business. This is how David came to discover the environmental sustainability of bamboo and so, BAM was born. 

Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable crops as it is super-fast growing, requires only rain water to grow and doesn’t need any fertilisers or pesticides. Thriving in natural conditions, bamboo is not uprooted when harvested which means that the soil is protected and preserved. As Bamboo grows so easily, it can also be grown on slopes which are not viable for other crops.  All of these environmental aspects lead to bamboo being a responsible choice for a clothing material.

Not only is bamboo a sustainable material for clothing, it’s also super soft and 3 times more absorbent than cotton. Bamboo fabric is also warm, yet breathable, providing excellent performance in all temperatures. This makes it the ideal material for those yoga classes and gym sessions as well as outdoor activities.

The lovely people at BAM kindly let us try out some leggings from their summer 2019 collection to wear on our outdoor adventures! Aside from the fact that their designs are beautiful, with bright and colourful designs, they are also super comfortable and really flexible. As big acroyoga enthusiasts we decided to pop down to the River Dart to try out some moves in our new yoga gear before a swim.


We absolutely loved the Enduro leggings as they were breathable, vibrant and stretchy. To be honest we don’t just save our leggings for exercising but often wear them into the office too!

We highly recommend checking out their range, which includes an array of active wear in addition to their comfy casuals and accessories.

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