The Power of Meditation

In the midst of our fast paced lives, it’s increasingly important to make time to meditate in order to quiet the mind, regain clarity and regain focus. But it’s not always easy to push pause on life’s many distractions. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply turn off the television or the phone and find a quiet corner. It’s often our own thoughts that are the loudest and prevent us from focusing on being in the moment.

Matcha tea has been used for centuries by Zen Monks who practiced meditation to help regain a sense of calm and focus for lengthy meditation. If you’re new to meditation or you want to improve the quality of your meditation, try drinking matcha to help rid your mind and body of stress and maintain focus during meditations for maximum benefits.

Matcha is essential to meditation because it:

1. Helps promote relaxation.
Matcha green tea contains L-Theanine, an amino acid known for its calming properties. When consumed, it helps to create a long-lasting feeling of tranquility and serenity.

2. Helps to promote concentration.
While many are familiar with matcha’s use by monks for meditation, less are familiar with matcha’s use by students as a study aid. The tea helps to improve concentration and focus, so that you’re not so easily distracted by the hustle and bustle of daily life.

3. Helps to combat health conditions worsened by stress.
When we think of stress, we often only think of its impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing. But stress can wreak havoc on us in ways that manifest themselves physically as well, including accelerated aging, weight gain and more. Nutrients found in Grade A matcha can help to promote anti-aging and weight loss, and in addition to meditation, help to counter the harmful effects of stress and our fast paced lives.

There are many more benefits of drinking matcha green tea on a daily basis so take a look at some of our other articles.