Top 5 tips to maximize your mornings

How you spend the first two hours of your day matters. Those first two hours can mean the difference between a productive day and a day that, well, just gets away from you. So, if you’re looking for a way to maximize your mornings and set yourself up for super productivity, then try a bowl of matcha green tea first thing when you wake up!

Here are 5 tips on how to use matcha tea for waking up, getting energized, and getting things done in the early hours.

1. Stop hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock
We get it – it’s hard to get up some mornings, especially when the weather is not cooperating and the list of things to do during the day seems daunting. But here’s a little secret that matcha tea drinkers know – having a bowl of matcha tea before bedtime is way better for your sleep habits than having a cup of coffee or regular green tea.
So what’s the secret? You can thank all the amino acids within matcha tea, which slow the absorption of caffeine into your bloodstream. That ensures that you’ll get to bed sooner, without all the tossing and turning caused by too much caffeine. And you’ll actually wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go – you won’t feel the need to keep hitting that snooze button on your alarm clock after all.

2. Get into a Zen-like state early
Ever wondered how some of the world’s top achievers get so much done? Many of them practice meditation, which helps to slow life down and allow them to live life in the moment. And there’s no better time to squeeze in some meditation than early in the morning, when the sun is just coming out and you can take your yoga mat outside!
Getting into a Zen-like state with a single bowl of matcha green tea is one way to find the answers to the hard questions. It’s a way to re-focus your mind on what’s important. Leave the trivial matters to someone else – you’re going to be thinking the big thoughts that will maximize your mornings!

3. Get the focus and concentration to get the hard things done early
Ask any productivity guru, and they’ll tell you – the key to getting things done is tackling all the hard stuff first. Do this when you have the most energy, when the events of the day haven’t swallowed you up yet!
That’s the big advantage of drinking matcha green tea early in the morning – you’re giving yourself a three-hour window of opportunity, when your mind is extraordinarily focused. Concentrate on crossing out all the items on your to-do list!

4. Exercise to thrive
Getting in a morning workout is another key to maximizing your mornings. You’ll feel younger, more alive and more energized after a 30-minute run or after an hour in the gym! Drinking green matcha tea will put you in the right mood and mindset to make exercise part of your morning routine. And your body will thank you later.

5. Refuel to feel optimal
What you put into your body to start the day is the key to how you’re going to feel the rest of the day. That’s where matcha green tea comes into the picture. You can drink matcha green tea the way you always do – or you can mix things up by making a matcha green tea smoothie! Blending together a smoothie only takes a few minutes. Just mix some green matcha tea powder with coconut oil or coconut milk, and you will have the basis for a morning pick-me-up!


By using each of these 5 tips, you’ll be able to boost both your mind and body. You’ll be more focused, more concentrated, and more energized to start the day!