Give the gift of health and experience with our latest Matcha tea set and masterclass bundle.

Tell me about the Matcha Masterclass and Tea Masters Gift Set

If you’ve been trying to hunt down a matcha tea masterclass, look no further. You can join qualified Tea Sommelier, Leane Tilley, online where she will be hosting a Matcha Masterclasses each 3rd Sunday of every month! All in the comfort of your own home.

The gift set bundle includes a Tea Masters Gift Set. This is so that you have all of the matcha utensils you will need to perfect the art of making matcha green tea. Inside the Tea Masters Gift Set, you’ll find:

The masterclass presents a unique opportunity to connect with health and fitness enthusiasts, those on a weight-loss journey and productivity-hackers, in a fast-paced, interactive and inspiring tea-drinking session – all from the comfort of your home. Don’t want to do it alone? Invite friends to the party and discover the secret to creating delightfully frothy matcha green tea!

During the online class, guests will learn about the following, before enjoying a Live Q&A at the end:

  • The history and rituals of matcha green tea
  • How is matcha green tea is created
  • Proper care for your bamboo whisk
  • Best way to store your matcha green tea
  • Preparing the perfect cup of matcha the traditional way
  • Tasting notes
  • The health benefits of matcha tea
  • How to distinguish good matcha from bad matcha!
  • Matcha tea for modern living, weight loss, athletic performance and ideas for incorporating matcha into any lifestyle

Just why is matcha green tea so popular?

The magic of matcha green tea lies in the fact that unlike most teas, it is consumed as a powder. Since it was introduced to Japan in the 12th century, matcha green tea has gone from being the preserve of Japanese nobles, to being a firm fixture on the modern-day health and fitness scene. Given matcha’s value as a potent antioxidant, with high vitamin and mineral content, a Matcha Tea Gift Set and Online Experiential Master Class on using matcha tea to optimise health, is the perfect gift for your loved ones.

You’ve no doubt witnessed an explosion in the popularity of the self-development scene in recent years. Unlocking the secrets to improved health, mental performance and weight stability, has become something of a sport and with matcha green tea’s ability to fight against diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure, improve cognitive performance and support weight-loss, matcha green tea – and knowledge of how to use it for maximum effectiveness – is worth its weight in gold.

Tea sommelier overlooking tea field

Hmm…I have to find a Matcha gift for someone…

Looking for an ideal gift for a family member, or a friend? As the pandemic rages on, a digital gift is nothing short of a blessing in disguise. Whether you’re temporarily separated from a loved one, cultivating relationships from a distance, seeking to cheer up a family member or friend from the safety and comfort of their home, the matcha green tea combo package is an excellent choice, particularly as Christmas approaches.

How much will the Matcha Masterclass and Tea Masters Gift Set cost?

For a limited time only, you’ll pay just £54.99 for the entire package which is normally priced at £99.99. Leane will take participants through the history of matcha tea, its unique benefits for the health of the body and mind, the right way to make matcha green tea, some of the most delicious recipes, tasting notes and how to incorporate matcha into your daily routine for even the busiest individuals.

Where can I purchase the Matcha Masterclass and Tea Masters Gift Set?

To purchase the Matcha Tea Gift Set and Online Experiential Master Class as a gift, click here. If you have more questions, or want to set up a private class for a group then please get in touch with us here or give us a call at (+44) 1364 209051. We would be glad to help you!