With the warmer weather coming in these Matcha Tea & Coconut ice lollies are an absolute must!

This recipe is for the base ice lolly (which is perfectly delicious on its own), however, the recipe is incredibly easy to add to and we’d encourage you to experiment. Having said that, definitely try them as is first and then, once you have a better idea of what they taste like, it should be easy for you to personalise them to suit your tastes. We have made them with all sorts of things, including different fruits, nuts and even melted chocolate (we were feeling a little naughty).

Our Matcha Tea & Coconut Ice Lolly recipe is suitable for vegetarians but can be made suitable for vegans simply by substituting the honey for agave syrup. Perfect for sharing, you should be able to make around 10 ice lollies with the quantities below, though this will obviously depend on the size of the moulds you’re using.

Matcha Tea & Coconut Ice Lollies Ingredients


Matcha Tea & Coconut Ice Lollies Recipe

  • Blend the coconut milk, avocado, honey (or agave), salt and matcha together until smooth.
  • Fill the moulds, gently stir and add the sticks. Cover and freeze.
  • Once completely frozen, enjoy in the sun.

Optional Steps

If you’re going to add fruit to your lollies, it is best to do so after you have finished blending the base ingredients. We wouldn’t want to stifle your creativity, but we think the sweetness of melon or berries are delicious with Matcha powder and would seriously recommend giving them a try!

If you’re more of a ‘drizzle everything with chocolate’ person, white chocolate goes particularly well with Matcha tea and you can then use said chocolate to hold a sprinkling of chopped nuts in place.

Whatever you decide to do, we’d love to hear your thoughts and see what combinations you come up with. Feel free to tell us what you think and post pictures of your Matcha tea ice lollies on the I Love Matcha Tea Facebook or Instagram page.