Matcha Protein Pancakes Recipe – Gluten & Dairy Free

Here is a guilty secret… I love pancakes at the weekend. This is true especially when I have the time to try different combinations and get creative it’s a real guilty pleasure. Nothing says the weekend quite like pancakes for breakfast! With Shrove Tuesday coming up I thought I would share my Matcha pancake recipe with you for a healthier version of the more traditional pancake recipes.

Not only are these pancakes gluten and dairy free they are packed full of good stuff and are higher in protein than your average recipe. Human beings crave the sense of being satiated. It’s a delightful feeling to be “full” and the protein content in these pancakes will help keep you feeling full and totally satisfied.

Here are the ingredients you will need:

– 60g Ground Almonds
– 40g Gluten free flour – I like organic quinoa flour or a 50:50 mix of gluten free white and whole-wheat flour
– 1.5 Tsp. Kineta Matcha Powder
– 150ml Almond Milk
– 2 Eggs
– 1 Tsp. Coconut sugar
– 1/2 Tsp. vanilla essence

Toppings – Totally your choice!
– Blueberries
– Raspberries
– Raspberry Coulis
– Honey or agave
– Banana
– Almond Butter

The above quantity will serve 2 – double up for more or halve for less! Easy 🙂

Matcha Pancake Instructions:

1. Mix the ground almonds, coconut sugar, flour (sieved) and Matcha into a single bowl
2. In a separate bowl whisk almond milk, eggs and vanilla essence until fully blended
3. Slowly whisk in the dry flour mix a spoon at a time to avoid any lumps. Keep going until all the flour in mixed and you have a smooth batter. Now you are ready!
4. Heat your frying pan on medium heat with a very small amount of oil – I prefer coconut oil to add another level of flavour
5. When hot enough pour about 1/8 of your mixture out and move around the pan to make a thin circle. If the batter is too thick ad a little more almond milk and whisk again.
6. Leave for a minute or so then flip to cook the other side. Each side should be lightly browned
7. Tip out on to your plate and add toppings!

I love any of the following combinations:

– Banana with cinnamon honey: simply mix the cinnamon into the honey and pour over
– Blueberries, raspberries with honey/ agave
– Banana and almond butter – great for after any workouts to replenish your body and keep your energy consistent


If you try out this recipe, please do let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Also, take a picture and tag it on Instagram #KinetaMatchaRecipes so we can check it out!