Pardon our language, but when it comes to productivity, matcha is the sh*t. Instead of simply lauding matcha’s clear as day health and beauty benefits, we are here to share yet another amazing benefit of this superfood/drink that may not be as obvious – its brain-enhancing benefits!

Now, before we officially crown matcha with its rightfully deserving title as “nature’s best productivity drink” and convince you to bid goodbye to coffee, alongside all those sugary energy drinks for good, we thought we should share exactly how matcha can take their place as the go-to choice for mental boosts!

What Is in A Cup of Matcha?

To begin understanding how matcha helps us in our performance and productivity, it is essential to learn what are the key ingredients found in a cup of matcha.

When it comes to brain-enhancing benefits, here are the happy trio of compounds in matcha that are doing all the hard work on our behalf:

  • A popular nootropic – Caffeine
  • An amino acid called L-theanine
  • And last but not least, EGCG – also known as epigallocatechin gallate

Compared to many other beverages and food, matcha contains some of the highest contents of these compounds, making it the potent productivity drink that it is!

How Do These 3 Compounds in Matcha Help Improve Our Productivity?

So, how exactly do the compounds work to enhance productivity?


A common stimulant found in coffee, energy drinks, the caffeine found in matcha (approximately 70mg per tsp compared to 35mg in normal green tea) also works in a similar manner to help our bodies enhance focus and concentration.

All the benefits without the added sugar that comes with all those artificial energy drinks. Now doesn’t that sound like a sweet deal? Pun intended!


Wonder why drinking tea is always associated with relaxation and a calm state of mind? Monks have used it for centuries to aid marathon meditation. It’s all because of this special compound called L-Theanine found naturally in tea leaves.

Apart from helping our body deal better with stress, L-Theanine is also great in boosting mental focus when performing a task when taken in conjunction with caffeine. That’s also why you don’t get the much-dreaded energy slump after drinking matcha, unlike most other heavily caffeinated drinks.

Matcha contains some of the highest L-Theanine concentrations when compared to other teas and beverages. That’s because you consume the whole leaf which, for us, makes it a clear winner as a productivity beverage!


Of Matcha’s many great properties, EGCG works as an antioxidant to help prevent oxidative damage to our brains. Thus, keeping it in tip-top condition for the other two compounds to work their magic.


These 3 ingredients work best together for improving overall mental capacity and performance levels!

Get More Done with Matcha

Whether you are a busy professional looking for an extra edge, an adventurer looking to get the most out of your next trip, or an athlete looking to optimize your training, matcha is here to help you focus and perform to the best of your ability!

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