Matcha powder with collagen is the new skincare trend that combines two of the best natural ingredients to boost your skin. A combination of the two has been shown to boost the healthy appearance of the skin, improve joint health, and reduce the look of wrinkles naturally.

You may be wondering how matcha and collagen work together or why we highly recommend specifically the combination of the two as part of your dietary skincare routine.

Read on to find out why…

The Many Health Benefits of Matcha Powder with Collagen

Health Benefits of Matcha

Matcha alone has a wide array of benefits let alone combining matcha powder with collagen.

For instance, one of the most prominent benefits of matcha is its antioxidation properties. It contains one of the highest proportions of the Polyphenol called EGCG.

EGCG, or epigallocatechin-3-gallate, is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent heart diseases and even aids weight loss. It also has numerous benefits for the skin including improving skin hydration, reduction of wrinkle formation, and faster renewal of skin structure and cells.

Additionally, Matcha contains L-Theanine which works to reduce anxiety and improve brain function. If your skin is prone to breakouts when you are feeling stressed, drinking some matcha powder is the way to support your skin health through these times.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, matcha also helps with:

  • Sun protection due to the presence of chlorophyll
  • Providing a host of multivitamins that benefit the skin including vitamin K, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin E
  • Anti-ageing through its antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals

Health Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is often called the “elixir of youth” and there is a very good reason for that. It is a vital component of our skin and is one of the key factors in ensuring its health and integrity.

With age, our bodies produce less and less collagen. This results in ageing and a lack of elasticity in the skin, among many other things.

When you have matcha powder with collagen, here are a few benefits that you can experience:

  • Improved skin hydration
  • Better skin elasticity
  • Reduced roughness and increased smoothness of the skin

In addition to the skin benefits of collagen mentioned above, it is also great at strengthening your muscles and improving bone mineral density, ensuring that your joints function optimally. Matcha and collagen really do act as a team!

Matcha Powder with Collagen: The Dynamic Duo

When combined, both matcha and collagen complement each other to give our bodies a plethora of health benefits. Mixing matcha’s antioxidant properties with collagen’s anti-ageing skin benefits can be the ultimate combination your skin needs.

A mistake that many people make is buying collagen in powdered form mixed in with matcha. However, collagen is destroyed by the stomach acid. When ingested in such a form which translates to no benefit to the skin or body.  

For a collagen supplement to be effective, it’s best to take it in capsule form that has been shown to bypass the stomach acid. Therefore it will effectively absorb into the body without getting destroyed or losing its efficacy.

For this reason, instead of offering matcha powder with collagen mixed in; we offer the ultimate skin energising bundle that contains matcha powder with collagen capsules. That way you can reap the maximum benefits without any compromise in function and quality!