Individually, Matcha and collagen are famously known in the beauty and wellness circles as health powerhouses. But, have you considered how much more effective they could be when combined for maximum impact?

Well, that is exactly what we will be discussing today!

But first, let us first do a quick recap on the respective benefits of match and collagen.

Health Benefits of Matcha

We have discussed the wide array of Matcha in many of our previous articles, but here is a summary of what makes this drink such a popular superfood:

  • Chocked full of antioxidants that help combat free radical elements in our bodies.
    • Contains plenty of EGCG – a polyphenol that offers plenty of skin benefits.
  • Rich in L-Theanine – that helps keep reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Full of chlorophyll pigments which offers protection from harmful sun damage
  • And many more vitamins

Health Benefits of Collagen

Commonly termed as “an elixir of youth”, collagen is a critical component to skin health and integrity, formed naturally by our bodies. However, with age, our bodies are not able to produce as much collagen as before naturally, and thus leading to worrying signs of ageing like wrinkles, less supple skin, and more.

Fortunately, that is where dietary collagen supplements come into play, helping to maintain the bodily functions as such:

The Synergies of Combining Matcha and Collagen

With their respective suite of health benefits, how do matcha and collagen complement each other to elevate our skin health and wellbeing?

Here are just some of the many ways they work amazingly well together:

  • Improving Skin Conditions: As collagen works its magic to rebuild skin suppleness and condition, matcha’s antioxidants and polyphenols help to keep it that way by keeping away harmful free radicals that we are exposed to regularly.
  • Strengthening Muscles and Bones: Collagen, as protein molecules, contributes to the rebuilding of muscle tissues, cartilage, and bones that experience wear and tear over time. Matcha’s antioxidants and polyphenols, in turn, help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress associated with wear and tear to maximize muscle and bone health.

The Question on Everyone’s Mind: Does Dietary Collagen Work?

Matcha’s benefits as a supplement are undisputed, but what about dietary collagen?

While most scientists agree that collagen is a beneficial health supplement, the debate is primarily focused on whether collagen supplements can effectively be absorbed and therefore utilised by your body in the first place.

In short, two conditions need to be fulfilled for dietary collagen for it to be effective:

  • It needs to be small enough to be absorbed instantly.
  • It needs to be protected long enough to reach the small intestine for maximum absorption.

That is the reason why most collagen supplements in the market are not as effective as they claim. However, the team at Ingenious beauty are backed by scientists and the efficacy of their Ingenious Collagen, is proven. Thats why we work with them because their collagen supplement fulfils not one but both the conditions above!

Eager to Reap the Benefits of Both Matcha & Collagen?

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