By the time January comes around there is a good chance that the past month or so has been at least a tad more indulgent than usual. By the time Christmas is over, a combination of the cold winter air and all the mulled wine, mince pies, Prosecco and Christmas pudding will have left us battling against colds, coughs, lethargy and blotchy skin. What we all need now is a pick me up! Something to refresh our skin and revitalise our spirits. What we need… is a matcha green tea face mask.

Japanese matcha tea contains up to 137 times the antioxidant levels of other varieties of green tea, and is packed full of catechins that are said to positively affect the rate of ageing. What’s more, not only will you enjoy the advantages of these little matcha miracle molecules, but when combined with other natural ingredients these face masks provide additional benefits that enhance the effects they have on the skin.

Matcha Green Tea Face Mask Ingredients

All you need to make your own natural matcha green tea face mask are the three ingredients listed below. However, you can personalise the mask to suit a particular skin type by including one of several optional ingredients. Please note that the recommended quantities will produce enough matcha tea face mask for one person. If you’re creating face masks for more than one person, simply multiply these quantities by the number of face masks required.

Optional Matcha Green Tea Face Mask Ingredients

100g per mask is all that is required for each of the ingredients listed below. If you want to mix two into a single face mask, include 50g each rather than 100g of both

  • Banana – To moisturise dry skin
  • Avocado – To nourish dry skin
  • Yogurt – To cleanse and calm troubled skin
  • Oats (with hot water) – To lightly exfoliate and cleanse dry skin
  • Pumpkin – To cleanse and firm skin

Once you have gathered your ingredients, creating the matcha face mask is a pretty straightforward task. Simply mix all ingredients together in a bowl, rub the mixture over your face and leave it for 15 minutes. During this time, we’d suggest relaxing with a delicious Matcha latte, before cleaning the mask off with a damp cloth.