Capable of being baked into brownies or brewed into beverages, Matcha green tea is a versatile powder that can be enjoyed in any one of countless forms. The reason that Matcha is becoming increasingly popular in the West is not solely because it is rich in nutrients and high in energy, however, but rather due to its natural taste and savoury aroma. Unlike many fitness foods and “superfruits”, matcha tea powder is consumed because the act of consuming it is, in and of itself, enjoyable. This makes it somewhat of a rarity but explains why it is becoming the drink of choice for those who do not enjoy drinking alcohol. It is a great and far healthier alternative!

While the immediate effects of it are muted in comparison to the sensations experienced by those who drink alcohol, drinking Matcha tea does actually affect the body in several ways. For instance, Matcha green tea powder contains approximately 32mg of caffeine, which is around half that of an espresso. However, while coffee releases its caffeine quickly, causing an intense, short-term burst of energy, Matcha tea releases its stores much more gradually. The result is a longer-lasting, more mellow buzz that keeps drinkers in caffeine’s much beloved but often too-short-lived sweet spot.

It is because of the sustained mental stimulation brought about by drinking matcha, that it has long been used by Buddhist monks, first in China and then Japan, to aid with their meditations and prayers. The link between mindfulness, meditation and matcha stretches back over a thousand years and is still taken advantage of today by professional yoga practitioners. Matcha tea’s effect on mindfulness is only one reason for this, however, with another being its ability to help drinkers relax as a result of its natural stress-relieving properties.

An amino acid called L-theanine contributes significantly to many of Matcha’s positive effects, and it is this substance that is responsible for the boost to mindfulness and the reduction of stress. In essence, it is L-theanine that makes Matcha the perfect alternative to both a morning coffee and an evening glass of wine.

In fact, Matcha teas’ inherent versatility allows it to replace alcohol in almost any setting; whether at home, in a restaurant, or at a club. Obviously, very few people are going to go to a bar and order a cup of hot tea, but Matcha green tea powder has become a popular ingredient in natural energy drinks, fruit juices, and other cold beverages. Non-alcoholic matcha-infused mocktails are also becoming commonplace, as health-conscious and teetotal individuals are always looking for new ways to enjoy a night out with their friends but not lose the next day to a hangover.

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