As I sit down to share this with you, I can’t help but think back to where it all started – the lush, green tea fields of Japan. Nine years ago, I was there, meeting incredible people whose energy and love for life really struck a chord with me. They had a little secret: it was the matcha they were drinking. This wasn’t your average cup of tea; it was something special. It was like they had bottled up sunshine and vitality in a single cup. Inspired, I thought, “Why not bring this back home?” So, I did just that. I packed this tea into tins and brought a piece of that energy back with me, ready to share with you all. It’s been a huge adventure ever since.

At Kineta, our goal has always been pretty straightforward – to bring more health and energy into your life. In short, Matchamise Life with better energy!

But you know how life has its twists and turns. Recently, my father was diagnosed with dementia, turning our family life in a new direction and demanding much of my time and heart. In this reality, I’ve had to make one of the hardest decisions – to hand over the stewardship of my business. We are starting a new chapter, and we’re doing it with a company I really admire – OMGTea. They’re like us in so many ways, especially in how they see matcha as more than just tea. We’re joining forces and I’m confident that together, we’re stronger. 

To kick off this exciting journey, we’re offering a special 30% off your first OMGTea purchase when you sign up to their newsletter, The Matcha Club.

OMGTea and KINETA Tea share a belief in quality and doing things sustainably. It’s more than business; it’s about a way of life. Sure, the packaging might look different, but the heart and soul of our matcha and the commitment to incredible quality will stay the same. 

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Thanks for being such a huge part of Kineta’s story and community. Here’s to a continued adventure, staying healthy, and all those future cups of matcha we’ll share.