From the vibrant tea fields of Japan to the bustling streets of the UK, our journey with Kineta Tea has been one of passion, adventure and matcha. Since Kineta was founded, our mission has been to share matcha’s unparalleled energy and wellness benefits with the world. Since uniting with OMG Tea we have been asked a lot about our shared values and the similarities between our products so here is a blog giving you much more information to make shopping between the two brands much easier.

A Matcha Made in Heaven (sorry but we had to!) plus your 30% discount

Kineta Tea has partnered with OMG Tea and by doing so we are blending our shared dedication to quality, tradition, and the transformative power of matcha. This merger is a celebration of what we’ve achieved and what we aspire to create: a world where the finest matcha is accessible to everyone, enhancing lives one cup at a time.

Both Kineta Tea and OMG Tea have always prioritised the authenticity and purity of our matcha, directly sourced from the heart of Japan. Our commitment goes beyond the tea itself, embracing eco-friendly practices that honour the earth and support sustainable agriculture.

To summarise we are both:

  • Organic matcha tea powder
  • Japanese matcha tea
  • Stone ground to maintain nutrients
  • High-quality tested Matcha tea
  • Air-sealed tin: Protects the tea from oxygen and UV light

A Matcha for Every Moment

Our united vision is clear—to ensure that everyone can find their perfect matcha moment, whether it’s through a morning ritual, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a culinary exploration. Here’s how our combined offerings cater to every matcha enthusiast:

  1. For the Connoisseurs: If you’ve always reached for Kineta’s finest selections, you’ll be delighted by OMG Tea’s AA Grade. And for those seeking the ultimate in matcha excellence, OMG Tea’s AAA Grade will not disappoint, offering an exquisite and complex taste experience.
  2. For Daily Devotees: For our daily matcha drinkers, the journey continues seamlessly with OMG Tea’s A Grade. It’s the perfect blend for those cherished daily moments of wellness and vitality.
  3. For the Culinary Artists: Matcha’s versatility shines in the kitchen, and OMG Tea’s Cooking Matcha is crafted specifically for those who love to experiment with matcha in their culinary creations, promising both flavour and colour that will elevate any dish.

Kineta x OMG Tea: Embracing Change Together

This merger isn’t just about bringing two brands together—it’s about strengthening the bond within our matcha community. As I join forces with Kathryn and the OMG Tea team, I bring with me the spirit and values that have always defined Kineta Tea. While our packaging may evolve, the essence of our matcha—its soul-stirring quality and life-enhancing properties—remains unchanged.

To celebrate this union, we invite you to explore the expanded range at OMG Tea and discover the perfect matcha tea to complement your lifestyle.

Change is often the beginning of something beautiful, and this new chapter for Kineta Tea and OMG Tea is no exception. It’s an opportunity for growth, for discovery, and most importantly, for sharing even more matcha love.

With deepest gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead,

Leane x
Founder, Kineta Tea