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Our Story

KINETA Matcha Tea: Our Story

Founded by Leane Tilley, KINETA is an adventurous matcha Tea Company based in Devon.

Back in 2015, Leane – a lover of nature, avid adventurer and keen health foodie – found herself climbing mountains that overlooked the tea fields of Japan. The vast sea of green leaves that stretched out in front of her lit the spark of inspiration, but it was the life and energy of everybody she came across that fanned this spark into a flame. The people she met were filled with an energy that made them glow, each and every one of them swore by the green tea that they drank. This green tea wasn’t just any green tea though, it was matcha green tea.

Matcha tea fuelled the rest of her trip and when Leane left, she was hooked. She wanted the same energy, health and exuberance that the people she met had as part of their everyday life, and knew that there were a lot of others like her who would want the same.

KINETA Matcha Tea was born. Our philosophy is simple: Matchamise life with #betterenergy.

Our Vision

“Inspire people to do more and be more.”

KINETA Matcha Tea: Our Brand Values

‘Kineta’ is derived from the word ‘kinetic’. Kinetic energy is the force that makes all things move. Without kinetic energy, the world around us would be still, lifeless and, well, stuck in a rut (to say the least). The core principles of Kineta are the antithesis of these things. We love energy. We love health. We love adventure. We love life.

Would you describe yourself as adventurous, independent and ambitious? So do we. We share a delight in exploring new paradigms. We share a belief that everyday life is an everyday adventure. We share in the discovery of alternative ways of traversing the world we live in. Whether you are a yogi, climber, marathon meeting lover, career-driven, gym bunny, hectic parent and/ or entrepreneur. We share your passion for life and drive for adventure.

So, while our business is grounded in Matcha, as a brand we aim to encourage everyone to live a much more vibrant, active and healthy life. After all, life is short.  #Matchamise it with #BetterEnergy. Champion the unconventional.

KINETA Matcha Tea: So Matcha More Than Tea

The energising properties of Matcha tea have been known for over a millennium, and it features prominently in various aspects of Japanese history. Matcha tea has since been used to provide drinkers with sustained energy and improved focus, as well as an enjoyable savoury taste and natural aroma. It really is Matcha more than tea.

More and more people are turning to Matcha Tea as a healthy alternative to coffee, as it provides an energy boost in a far better way. While both are caffeinated products, Matcha tea releases caffeine into the bloodstream steadily, rather than all at once. So while you get a spike and a sudden crash with coffee, matcha tea provides a gradual lift followed by a gentle return to normal. Clear, calm, focussed, feel good energy.

Mat-Cha literally translates to ‘powdered-tea’, and Kineta’s ceremonial grade Matcha tea is 100% the real thing. Our matcha tea is made from shade-grown green tea, which we source from an organic, family-run farm located just outside of Nishio, Japan. The shading part of the process is essential as it is how we ensure the best possible flavour and nutritional profile for Kineta Matcha Tea. When deprived of light, the tea bush pushes all of its energy, chlorophyll and nutrients to the top leaves of the plant to increase the sun’s impact.

These leaves are then picked, dried and the stems and veins are removed. The remainder of the leaf is slowly stone ground into a fine powder. This may seem needlessly long-winded and a little hipster, but the stone grinding process is necessary as it protects the nutrients and flavour of the green tea leaves. All in all, it takes an entire hour to grind just 30g of this green tea powerhouse, and there is no doubt that it is worth every second.

Once ground, that’s it. Our matcha tea is air sealed and not touched again until it is in the hands of our customers. In short, Kineta matcha tea is 100% natural, high grade organic green tea leaves that have been carefully ground down to form a fine powder. No additives. No needless processes. No worries.

Speaking of no worries, remember: Life is short. Matchamise it with better energy.

Matcha Tea being poured into a glass cup, with a chasen matcha whisk, chashuku bamboo spoon, and a tin of Kineta Everyday matcha