Matcha Infusion Pod packWe are excited to announce our latest launch of Kineta Matcha Infusion Pods! These are available on our website at a special introductory price of £5.99 for a limited time only before they go back up to £9.99.

Each pack contains 7 Pods and each Pod contains the perfect combination of Kineta Ceremonial Matcha green tea and Japanese Sencha. Our infusion pods are designed to be added to water bottles or jugs and left to infuse. Infusion time is dependant on personal taste preference but takes between 1-3 hours. Once the infusion is complete, you will have created a deliciously supercharged and energising water that is perfect for re-hydrating during and energising throughout your day.

Kineta Matcha Infusion Pods are designed to energise up to 6 litres of water to keep you hydrated and vitalised throughout the day. However, for the best results, we’d recommend using a single pod for 2 litres of water three times, rather than infusing 6 litres in one go. Made to provide drinkers with all the health benefits commonly associated with green tea, Kineta Matcha Infusion Pods contain completely natural ingredients, have absolutely zero sugar and are perfectly suitable for vegans.

Using these Matcha Pods are super easy – All you have to do is drop one pod into water that’s ideally between 4°C and 8°C and leave it for between 2 to 5 hours. 3 hours is how long we’ve had to leave a pod in water for to achieve the strength we enjoy, but 5 hours has certainly proven popular amongst those who want nothing more than that sharp, punchy green tea flavour!

So, if we had to summarise our Infusion Pods in 7 points, we’d say:

⦁ Its a powerful combo of; Super premium Ceremonial Japanese Matcha and Japanese Sencha Green Tea
⦁ Contains 0% sugar
⦁ Vegan-friendly
⦁ Each pod can be brewed up to 3 times
⦁ Makes 1-2 Litres of supercharged, hydrating and energising water per infusion
⦁ Convenient pod format for use on-the-go. Perfect for the office, gym, long commute or simply on a day out.
⦁ 1 pouch contains 7 pods = 1 weeks supply!

Kineta Matcha Infusion Pods are a delicious, simple way to supercharge your water with green tea energy. If you would like to learn more about these energising pods or are thinking of giving them a go, visit the Kineta Matcha Infusion Pod listing on our website. If you would rather enjoy your tea the traditional way, you can find Kineta matcha tea powder on our website and Sencha green tea can be bought in various quantities from our sister-site; I love Green Tea.

Kineta: Energise. Vitalise. Hydrate.