Kineta Drinks Ltd, a young business committed to helping consumers live with more energy and vitality, has announced the launch a new Matcha drink range that comes ‘ready-to-drink’. The Devon based company aims to help coffee drinkers, energy drink addicts discover healthier alternatives to increasing their performance and focus. The Matcha Drink range has launched in three flavours, Green Apple, Sicilian Lemon and Peruvian Ginger, and gives consumers the perfect blend of organic Matcha, Devon spring water and fruit juices for a tasty twist on a traditional Matcha green tea.

Steeped in Japanese tradition, Matcha is a 100-percent natural shade grown powdered green tea. The tea has been consumed as part of the Japanese tea ceremony for nearly 900 years and is used by Buddhist monks to keep them alert, awake and focused during long days of meditation.

Kineta uses shade-grown organic Matcha from a family-owned tea farm in Nishio, Japan. Prior to harvesting, the tea plants are shaded to increase their nutritional value and develop the vibrant green colour and sweetness, which isn’t associated with many of the other green teas currently found in the UK market. The leaves are then picked and stone-ground into a powder. It can take up to an hour to produce just 30g. Traditional stone grinding helps reduce heat from friction and protect the nutritional value of the delicate Matcha tea leaves.

In recent times the demand for Matcha tea has seen growth globally. This is primarily because of the associated health benefits of consuming the whole green tea leaf. Considered one of the ultimate superfoods, Matcha Tea contains significant levels of powerful antioxidants, amino acids, chlorophyll and other nutrients and vitamins.

However, it’s the sustained energy that Matcha can deliver which Kineta are championing. The company has even taken its name from the word ‘kinetic’, meaning active, energetic and unstoppable. Leane Bramhall, Chief Matcha Lover, commented: “More and more people are turning to Matcha because it’s being associated with a healthy, natural energy hit. It is a caffeinated product; however Matcha tea releases the caffeine slowly into the blood stream. So, while with coffee you get a high and a low, Matcha can provide a sustained boost.

“We know that a ready-to-go Matcha drink will be snapped up by Matcha lovers – and believe it will also convert drinkers of other caffeine-fuelled drinks who are looking for healthier, more natural ways to get their buzz. As a business, we live by the motto – ‘Matchamise life’ and our latest range really epitomises that.”

The three flavours available – Green Apple, Sicilian Lemon and Peruvian Ginger – come in 240ml glass bottles with a convenient screw cap. Each Matcha drink contains 1g of shade-grown Matcha tea, less than 99 calories, is fat-free, uses Devon spring water and is suitable for vegans. The range is also free from any artificial colours, preservatives and additives.

Try all the flavours with the Kineta Cold Brew Organic Matcha Drinks Taster Set or simply visit the Kineta shop to see what else we have available.