Holistic Start Up Aims to Help Coffee Drinkers Discover a Healthier Alternative to Increasing Energy and Focus.

Kineta, a start-up committed to helping consumers live with more energy and vitality, announced today the launch of its new Matcha tea. The new company is bringing the finest Organic Vitality Matcha green tea powder to consumers in the United Kingdom. The Devon-based company aims to help coffee drinkers and caffeine addicts to discover a healthier alternative to increasing energy and focus.

Steeped in Japanese tradition, Matcha tea is a 100% natural powdered green tea. The tea has been consumed as part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for nearly 900 years and is used by Buddhist monks to keep them alert, awake and focused during long days of meditation.

Grown on a family-owned Japanese tea farm in Nishio, Kineta’s Organic Vitality Matcha tea is sold in 30-gram tins, starting at £18.95. Prior to the harvesting of Kineta Matcha Tea, the tea plants are shaded to increase nutritional value and develop the vibrant green colour and sweetness, which isn’t associated with other green teas currently found in the UK market. The leaves are then handpicked and stone-ground into a powder. It can take up to an hour to produce a single 30g tin. Traditional stone grinding helps reduce heat from friction and protect the nutritional value of the delicate Matcha leaves.

Considered one of the ultimate superfoods, Matcha contains powerful antioxidants, amino acids, chlorophyll and other nutrients and vitamins. The tea effectively helps to fight and prevent cell damage, improve blood flow, lower cholesterol, stabilise sugar levels and boost focus. The tea has also been proven to boost metabolism and boasts fat-free and sugar-free credentials with just three calories per serving.

However, it’s the sustained energy that Matcha can deliver that Kineta really champion. Leane Tilley, Chief Matcha Lover commented: “More and more people are turning to Matcha because it’s being associate with a clean energy hit. This is a caffeinated product but Matcha tea releases the caffeine slowly into the bloodstream: so while with coffee, you get high and a low, Matcha provides a sustained clean boost. As a business we live by the motto – ‘Life is short. Live it with #BetterEnergy’ and this product really epitomises that.”

In addition to its newly launched tea, Kineta also offers a variety of tea accessories, ideal for the traditional preparation of Matcha green tea. The company’s accessories collection includes bamboo Chasen whisks, bamboo Matcha spoons and traditional Matcha green tea bowls and sets.

Leane is excited about the future of Matcha too: “Matcha sales have grown 30% in the latest year with no signs of slowing. On the back of this emerging interest we can see huge product innovation, and development opportunities for the Kineta brand.”