Jet lag can leave you feeling drowsy, sluggish and dehydrated. And many of the steps that travelers take before embarking on a long trip across multiple time zones – such as changing diet or sleeping patterns a few days in advance – often don’t work out as planned. As a result, frequent flyers have discovered a new way to beat jet lag: Japanese matcha green tea. A cup of hot, refreshing Kineta matcha tea when you land can provide a quick pick-me-up at your new far-flung travel destination.

The reason why many frequent travelers would not go anywhere without their matcha is surprisingly simple: matcha tea is a quick, easy way to support your body from the harmful, unwanted effects of long-distance travel. Unfortunately, all the little stressors of travel – the lack of sleep, the long lines and wait times, the emotional stress of being in a tightly packed airplane, and the body’s natural reaction to being in a completely different time zone and/or climate – eventually take their toll at the cellular level. In response, the powerful antioxidants within matcha tea help to reduce and even reverse the harmful process of oxidative stress caused by travel. In short, matcha tea helps to repair your body from the inside out.

At the same, Japanese matcha tea is a great way to combat the problem of exhaustion that often accompanies jet lag. If you’ve ever traveled on a transatlantic flight, you know the feeling of being completely parched after hours being stuck in an airline cabin. Since matcha tea is made with water, it’s a great way to absorb all the healthy nutrients from the green powder while also re-hydrating your body, especially when mixed into a bottle of water as a long drink. In contrast, coffee is a diuretic, meaning that it will worsen the feeling of dehydration. This is the reason savvy frequent travelers will never order a coffee onboard a flight, but those same travelers will pack along some matcha green tea.

The best reason why matcha tea is so helpful in beating jet lag is that it gives you an energy boost that can last 3 to 6 hours at a time! If you are looking to get your body’s rhythms back in sync, then it’s important for you to adjust to the time zone of your new environment. Too many travelers make the mistake of heading directly to their hotel room, turning off the lights and trying to sleep – even when it might be morning or daytime outside! Matcha tea helps you to make it through the extra few hours until it’s right to go to sleep for your time zone. You’ll appreciate the slow, mellow caffeine buzz that matcha tea gives you, and how it helps to give you a sense of calm and focus.

In short, you can use Kineta matcha tea when you travel to balance and energise the body. Matcha tea is a healthy, sugar-free, fat-free and easy to make. With matcha tea, the days of struggling with jet lag will be over, and you’ll enjoy every moment of your new travel experiences. Remember – travel is supposed to be fun, dynamic and vibrant, and not a source of stress and anxiety. When you pack away a container of powdered matcha tea in your carry-on travel bag, you’ll have the peace of mind that you have everything you need to beat jet lag.