As we start to put away our Christmas decorations and vacuum away the last remnants of tinsel and sequins from our New Year celebrations, it is natural to reflect on both the lemons and blessings that the previous year brought us and consider setting New Year’s resolutions. In the office we are quite divided in this concept, with some of us feeling that they set us up to fail due to the focus on “giving up” and denying yourself during the harshest time of the year, and others thinking that they are a great way of setting goals and aiming to bring positivity to the coming year.

If the cards you were dealt over the last year were bad ones, never forget that time heals and you will make it through the storm as long as you never lose faith in your ability to overcome tribulation. Remember that diamonds are formed under pressure and it is only through suffering adversity that we grow wiser and can experience the elation and joy that accompanies both little and big wins in life.

The ability to appraise your performance over the past year is a critical skill. Take some time to consider what went well and what could have gone or been done better in 2019. As the masters of our own destinies, only by setting ‘resolutions’ the right way, can we unlock our true potential. The most important factor when setting a goal is having the right intention. It is this intention which will enable us to develop a laser-like focus on our objective and achieve our deepest desires. Your internal compass will support you on the path to success if you place your faith in the transformative abilities which lie within you. Passion has a powerful way of inspiring us to persevere and succeed.

How To Set Your Intentions in 5 Easy Steps:

  • Give your intention direction by asking yourself 3 questions:
  1. What gives you a sense of purpose?
  2. What are you highly passionate about achieving?
  3. What changes could add positive value to your life right now?
  • Once you have put together your list, share it with close friends as this will make you more determined to succeed in following through with your intentions.
  • The same day that you announce your intentions to the universe, perform an action that will illustrate the strength of your commitment.
  • Come up with a word or a mantra for meditation purposes and to support you when you feel that you are losing sight of your intentions.
  • Now that you and the universe are aware of your deepest desires, watch the magic unfold. The power of setting intentions lies in its roots. Unlike goals which tend to be driven by feelings of shame and inadequacy, intention is derived from feelings of contentment. Stay centered and do not allow yourself to become consumed by criticism and doubt, whether coming from internal or external forces. Only when you are ready will your intentions materialise.

Setting intentions negates the denial sometimes associated with traditional “New Year’s Resolutions” by focusing on the positive which you are inviting into your life and as such can only be a good thing. We definitely encourage intention setting here at Kineta and think that reviewing your intentions quarterly allows you to make adjustments as you progress through the year.

Here is a very short and sweet summary of our office debate:

1. Focusing resolutions/ intentions on positive outcomes i.e what you can gain rather than give up is the way forward
2. It is a fun and inspiring process and you don’t have to wait until January to do it!

Happy New Year and may your path to success be filled with positive actionable intentions!

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