What is keto?

We are often asked by our customers “is Matcha Keto friendly?” so we decided to answer the question and cover all things keto matcha related. For the uninitiated, a ketogenic (or ‘keto’) diet is a supercharged low-carb diet, which unlike many diets is sustainable. Why? Because it doesn’t leave you starving!

What does a keto diet consist of?

Though it may seem counterintuitive, the diet encourages the consumption of high levels of fat. This triggers a state called ketosis, whereby your body goes into fat-burning mode even whilst you sleep.

Around 70 to 75% of a keto diet may be composed of healthy fats. These are typically from foods such as eggs, butter, nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil and meat. The underlying principle of a keto diet is to limit carbohydrates to around 50g per day. This is dependant on your weight and goals and the figure does vary. More specifically refined and processed carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, sugar and junk food are to be avoided altogether. These foods have been stripped of all beneficial fibre and can cause insulin spikes. Regular large spikes in your blood sugar level put you at greater risk of Type 2 diabetes if left unchecked.

The combination of fat and protein-heavy foods with little carbohydrate forces the body to use fat for fuel instead of sugar. By converting fat to energy, instead of sugar, a ketogenic diet gives you much greater control over your blood sugar levels.

So is Matcha Keto Friendly?

As to the question is matcha Keto-friendly, the answer is a resounding YES. If you’re reading this article, you may already know that organic matcha green tea made from high-quality tea leaves and is a superfood of superfoods. Matcha enhances mental clarity, increases energy, boost immunity to viral and bacterial infections and supports the regulation of blood sugar levels. What you might not know is how effective matcha green tea is at supporting weight-loss. Its an excellent gym buddy and keto diet ally.

Why Should Matcha Tea Be Combined with a Keto Diet?

Matcha green tea is an excellent choice alongside a keto diet because like the keto diet, it stimulates fat oxidation, which gives your muscles more energy during workouts. It has been credited with boosting the percentage of calories burnt each day by 27 to 33%! Matcha green tea also has some incredible energising properties given its caffeine content, notably, without the jittery side-effects of caffeine from coffee. This means that you can benefit from longer gym sessions as you won’t get tired anywhere near as quickly as you would on pure water instead. Studies have shown endurance may be enhanced by up to 25% are possible with the consumption of matcha green tea.

How to indulge your sweet tooth whilst on a keto diet:

Keto doesn’t require you to give up treats entirely and every so often it’s important to indulge yourself. You can incorporate matcha green tea into your diet with three of our scrumptious recipes.

    What better way is there to do so than with our keto-friendly, 5-minute, gluten-free mug cake recipe, available here?
    Matcha smoothies are one of the most popular ways to get all of the benefits of matcha green tea powder during the summer, whilst also satisfying that craving for something thick and creamy like a milkshake. Kineta’s spin on matcha smoothies features yummy ingredients. Chocked-full of nutrients and vitamins, such as almond milk, peanut butter, nuts, berries, cinnamon and of course our organic matcha green tea powder! Try it here.
    If your birthday falls in the midst of a diet, there is no need to be sad! You can satisfy your sweet tooth without throwing your diet out of the window. Check out our keto coconut and matcha truffles, which uses lots of pure coconut and dark chocolate.

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