Lots of people get confused with how to store best their matcha powder. Here you will find all the information you need on how to store matcha tea to maintain quality, nutrition and taste. Without a doubt, the fresher you can keep your matcha tea, the better the nutritional value and taste profile will be. Therefore, the more benefits it’ll maintain.

What degrades Matcha Tea Powder?

  • Oxygen
  • Moisture
  • UV Light

How to Store Matcha Powder

Matcha Tea is a fresh plant product and it will begin oxidising the minute you open the packaging. Therefore, one of the first things to consider is how is the product packaged? All our Matcha Tea is air sealed at the source to maintain freshness. Once opened ensure your Matcha is stored in an air-tight container like the Kineta Matcha tins so Oxygen isn’t reaching the product.

Matcha is NOT Made for Fridges

There is a common misconception that matcha tea is best kept in the fridge. This is FALSE! Even I fell foul of this when we first launched Kineta! BUT, fridges actually cause more humidity and moisture in the product which ultimately degrades it faster. Instead, keep your product in a cool, dry cupboard.

Tea Powder Doesn’t Appreciate a Tan!

Yes, you read that correctly. The UV light rays given off by the sun will degrade and discolour your matcha faster than you can say this sentence. What to do? Ensure your airtight container is opaque otherwise sunlight will degrade your precious matcha tea! If you have a clear glass jar change it or keep it covered at all times even when only taking it out of your cupboard to whisk up your next batch of matcha tea.

Tea Powder Soaks up Strong Smells

Keep your matcha away from strong foods such as herbs, spices, mint, banana, onion etc. An airtight container will help prevent this but I also tend to keep my matcha away from strong-smelling foods as it can soak up volatile oils which will degrade the flavour of your match tea.

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