Keen on learning how to prepare the perfect cup of relaxing matcha in the comfort of your own home?

If you are all for experiencing the art of drinking matcha – which includes the ceremonial preparation of the drink – then you will need to arm yourself with the traditional tools like the traditional Japanese matcha whisk also known as chasen, and a chawan matcha bowl for mixing.

For some people, the preparation of matcha is the traditional way is too confusing or messy. But it really doesn’t need to be! Read on to learn how you can make matcha without a whisk – with not 1 but 3 simple methods you can try out in your own home.

Why Do People Make Matcha With a Bamboo Whisk?

The traditional bamboo matcha whisk, or chasen whisk, is a specially handcrafted tool made from bamboo with multiple delicate prongs. But why is a special tool like this required to prepare matcha?

For two reasons. Firstly, because matcha powder does not dissolve in water and secondly because it is so finely ground that it clumps together to form lumpy bits when it comes into contact with water. Matcha should be smooth with no lumps or bits.

That is where whisking comes into play! The gentle whisking motion of the chasen whisk, together with its fine-combed prongs (up to 120 prongs) helps to ensure the clumpy matcha bits are perfectly blended in to the water and frothed into a uniform consistency that makes for a smooth, sweet and refined vegetal taste.

While not essential to making matcha at home, it is preferred if you want to get the ideal matcha drink!

Can You Make Matcha Without a Whisk?

What if you just do not have a traditional matcha whisk at home or you are away but packed your matcha? The good news is, yes, you can make matcha without a whisk. There are several alternative methods that can help with the mixing – albeit not to the perfect standards but good enough for those who simply want a quick and easy method to enjoy matcha! Shake it, blend it or froth it…

Method 1: Shake it baby

Simply measure out the right amount of matcha and water, adding them to a tightly capped glass bottle. Make sure the lid is shut tight. And start to shake it as vigorously as your strength allows. The frothier it is, the better tasting, so shake it like your life depends on it.

And voila, after a good minute or two, your matcha will be well mixed, smooth and ready to drink!

Method 2: Blend it up

Great method if you are planning on making a matcha flavoured smoothie! Simply add matcha, water, and/or other ingredients if you are making a smoothie, and start blending. No brute strength required at all!

Depending on your blender’s blade size and power, it could take a while for the matcha to be uniformly mixed.  How to check if it is ready for consumption? Look out for a frothy top layer and check that there are no clumpy bits!

Method 3: The Milk Frother

Since we are going for a frothy layer, it makes sense that we can use a milk frother to achieve that same outcome! Simply add matcha and water into a cup or bowl and insert the frother to let it start mixing everything up. Move the frother around to make sure it is mixing everything evenly. The other option is to use an electric milk frother where you pour in all the ingredients and press the button. Top tip: These also make a great latte!

Again, check for a frothy layer and no clumps of powder to determine if it is ready for drinking!