Weight loss. There is just no getting around all the hard work and healthy eating choices you have to make in order to achieve consistent and sustainable weight loss.

There is no magic bullet either. Just a simple sum. It’s calories in vs. calories out and weight loss requires a deficit so your energy in, need to be less than your energy out. Maybe it is simple after all!

When combined with a weight loss programme, there are several ways you can incorporate matcha into your daily lifestyle to help you hit your weight loss goals faster.

Although both matcha green tea and standard green tea both come from the camellia Sinensis Sinesis variety of tea plant, there are major differences in how the plant leaves are processed, which has a profound impact on the taste and nutritional profile of Matcha Tea. This is covered in our other blog linked above. Suffice to say, Matcha green tea is known as being the super green tea, and for good reason!

Here are the top 5 ways in which Matcha tea can help you to achieve weight loss before the new year begins:

1. Matcha is a zero-calorie beverage

Reducing your calorie intake is a sure-fire way to lose weight. Matcha green tea has zero calories, meaning that you can take advantage of its health benefits as often as you want, without feeling guilty. Switch out a coffee latte, juice or fizzy drink for Matcha tea and reduce your calorie intake at the same time.

2. Green tea powder can boost fat burning

Matcha green tea kickstarts the process of thermogenesis and fat oxidisation because it is rich in catechins, meaning that matcha can boost the percentage of calories burnt daily by up to 43%!

Matcha can boost fat burning

3. Matcha gives you energy & focus

The presence of caffeine, L-Theanine and Catechins in Matcha, allows for bounds of energy not only after lunch at your work desk, but also before you hit the gym! Even better, its L-Theanine content means that you’ll power through lunges, bicep curls and squats without having to worry about heart flutters and “the jitters”.

For the ultimate hydrating drink, check out our clean energy drink. Forget about Red Bull and Monster and trust in the magic of homemade matcha made with 100% organic matcha powder, for a sustainable source of energy & focus as you exercise. We always suggest a shot of Matcha about half an hour before you start your work out!

4. Matcha increases your endurance

Go harder and go longer! Research has shown that those who consume matcha tea can experience an increase in endurance of up to 25%. Keen to unlock the secret to improved stamina? Simply drink at least 4 cups of matcha green tea a day!

If you love an early morning workout, why not try one of our tastiest protein boosters: the matcha flapjack recipe. These breakfast bars will provide much-needed nutrients to aid post-exercise recovery and keep you energised through your day.

We recommend you drink Matcha Tea for weight loss about half an hour before your workout. Then enjoy a recovery protein flapjack once you’re done.

5. Matcha boosts your metabolism

Matcha green tea contains many different antioxidants. In particular the catechin epigallocatechin gallate (also called EGCG) has been lauded for its ability to halt fatty cell growth. It has also been shown to speed up the metabolic rate of those who drink matcha.

Matcha can increase the absorption of nutrients and ensure that you can really benefit from green tea’s weight loss-inducing potential.

Key Summary:

  1. Switch calorific drinks for a Matcha Tea
  2. Have a shot of Matcha half an hour before your work out
  3. Drink 1-3 cups of matcha a day to support your weight loss

If you’re ready to incorporate matcha into your diet today, why not check out our store. There, you’ll find everything you need to get started for a brighter and healthier you next year!