Need an energy boost but prefer to do without the massive crash that comes after drinking sweetened energy drinks? Worried about those unwelcome withdrawal jitters from being reliant on your regular morning dose of coffee?

Well, here is an all-natural energy-boosting alternative that has all the benefits and none of the nasties involved in getting that much-needed energy boost to get us all through the day: Matcha Powder!

Wondering how exactly this popular health drink acts as a natural “energy drink”? Let us break it down for you to answer how does matcha give you energy?

Matcha Caffeine vs. Coffee Caffeine

Did you know that this healthy green drink comes with a low dose of caffeine – a compound known to influence the release of neurotransmitters that help affect our levels of energy and concentration

While it may not contain as much caffeine as a similar brew of coffee (35mg per cup of Matcha vs. 100mg per cup of coffee), it is how the caffeine interacts with your system that is most important.

Matcha energy vs. Coffee Energy

The Power of Matcha: A Better Caffeine High & Longer Lasting Energy Boost

However, does more caffeine mean better energy boosts? That is not necessarily the case!

Caffeine if consumed independently in beverages like coffee or energy drinks, is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. This could result in short bursts in energy levels alongside other side effects like jitteriness, heart palpitations, or headaches and then followed by a huge energy deficit 1-3 hours later.

However, in Matcha, the presence of a certain helpful amino acid L-theanine helps to counteract any negative side effects of caffeine – like cravings, or sudden adrenaline spikes. This gives rise to a longer-lasting, more sustainable increase in energy levels throughout the day, allowing matcha drinkers to feel more alert for longer without the crash that comes after.

Components That Speed Up Metabolism

On top of the benefits that caffeine + L-Theanine brings about, Matcha also offers other incredible ways of releasing energy in our bodies thanks to an amazing polyphenol known as EGCG. Apart from EGCG’s amazing antioxidative properties, it is also apparently a key component that helps in the speeding up of metabolism and burning of fat in our bodies.

That means, drinking Matcha helps our body digest our food faster, releasing nutrients we need to feel more energised!

An energy booster that helps with weight loss benefits? We do not think it can get better than that. 💪

A Wealth of Antioxidants

Studies have shown that Matcha tea comes with a ton of amazing antioxidants. These are molecules that help purify our bodies from nasty free radical compounds that wreak havoc on our cells.

But how does that give us an energy boost?  

As antioxidants get to work on our body ridding it of the impurities, it results in organs and cells that are less damaged. As a result, your body will be able to work more efficiently, helping us feel more energized!

Time to Make the Switch from Coffee to Matcha?

Now that you have learnt all about the additional benefits Matcha has over coffee! It’s an all-natural energy booster with many benefits beyond energy. We always recommend switching 1-2 coffees per day for Matcha. Now you have lots of reasons to make the switch!

How does Matcha give you energy? Check out our online store here for our latest Matcha products and discover a more energised you!