Tea has been renowned for it’s health benefits since 2737BC!

Tea is thought to have been discovered by one of China’s leaders ‘Shennong’ about 5000 years ago. Shennong tested the medicinal properties of herbs and plants and is believed to have brewed tea around 2737 BC. The discovery that tea could be used as a beverage was purely accidental. While conducting an experiment using sticks from tea plants, the leaves he was using drifted into a cauldron of boiling water and resulting in the first tea brew in history. People started to drink tea regularly at the time of the Shang Dynasty circa 1600 BC. Back then, people boiled tea leaves mainly for medicinal purposes due to its bitter taste. However as time went by, and with the development of the tea shredder by 907 AD, tea had become a regular mainstay of people in Asia.

The word Matcha is a combination of the Japanese words ‘Ma’ and ‘Cha’ which translate to ‘powdered’ and ‘tea’ respectively therefore Matcha refers to powdered green tea. Green tea was first introduced to China from Japan by a Zen monk named Eisai in the 12th century A.D. Green tea in a powdered form was consumed as part of a special tea ceremony by Zen monks and was hailed for its ability to simultaneously induce a calming state while simulating the mind at the same time. Since then, scientists have proved the health benefits of Matcha that were discovered by monks in ancient times. Today, Matcha tea is the highest quality green tea available and more and more people are drinking Matcha.